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A green light shines in the dark as four states legalize cannabis

America makes huge step in ending the prohibition of cannabis California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts all decided to move forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota all decided to move forward with medicinal cannabis Arizona voters went against the¬†decision to legalize cannabis The country is torn over the results… Keep Reading

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Why did the FBI close their investigation on Hillary Clinton so quickly

The FBI decided to end their investigation on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal FBI Director James Comey announced Sunday that the FBI would not be pursuing an investigation against Clinton Comey made the decision to investigate after emails were discovered on Anthony Weiner’s computer that could have pertained to the mishandling of confidential information¬†by Clinton Weiner… Keep Reading

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Russia demands answers after America hacks Kremlin command systems

Russia demands an explanation from America after US hackers penetrate Russia’s systems NBC news first reported the hack against Russia in an exclusive report America claims Russia is trying to interfere with the Presidential Election Despite accusations, Russia denies any part of the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails Tensions between America and Russia have been… Keep Reading

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