Two Other People Were Present The Night Bryena McQuitty Was Murdered

Affidavit shows two roommates were present the night Aaron Suiter murdered Bryena McQuitty

  • Both roommates heard the fight between McQuitty that ended with her death but chose to ignore it

  • McQuitty cause of death was strangulation and ruled as a homicide

  • Suiter’s preliminary hearing is set to continue on January 3

On Wednesday, Aaron Suiter went to his preliminary hearing for the November 26, murder of his girlfriend 25-year-old Bryena McQuitty. After a request for a continuance, Suiter’s preliminary was scheduled to resume on January 3. Suiter was initially charged with second-degree murder, but days after his arrest prosecutors upgraded his charge to first-degree murder.

In the weeks following McQuitty’s death, The Daily Haze obtained evidence that gives a darker glimpse into an abusive relationship that ended in murder. Perhaps one of the most disturbing things to come out is the fact that Suiter and McQuitty were not alone.


According to an affidavit, a male and female roommate were in the house as Suiter beat and strangled McQuitty to death. Officer Keahey arrived on the scene after EMS received to a call that McQuitty was not breathing. EMS informed Keahey that McQuitty was deceased and had possible injuries to her neck.

Keahey entered the house and saw Suiter “squatting over McQuitty with his hands near her face.” At that time, Keahey asked Suiter to step outside. Suiter responded by standing up and placing his hands behind his back as if he wanted Keahey to take him into custody. Keahey walked Suiter out of the house to another officer. It was noted that Keahey saw the injury to McQuitty’s neck.

Suiter’s neighbor was one of two calls to 911 that morning. Suiter was responsible for the other call. The neighbor called police after Suiter knocked on his door and told him “call 911 my girlfriend’s not breathing.” The neighbor called 911 and then was let inside by Suiter and led to McQuitty’s body in a bedroom, where he assisted with CPR per 911’s direction.


Mike Unruh told police that he saw Suiter and McQuitty the night before her death. Unruh claimed to have gone to bed on November 25 while watching a movie. At roughly 2:30 am, Unruh claims he was woke up by McQuitty entering the residence and requesting him to call Suiter. Unruh called Suiter, who told him he was at the corner, but not which corner. After the call, Unruh went back to sleep.

Unruh woke up again to McQuitty and Suiter fighting. He said the argument lasted for roughly 15-20 minutes and it sounded like it was coming from Suiter’s bedroom. The affidavit states that Unruh heard McQuitty call Suiter an “asshole” then turned up his music and went back to sleep. In the morning, Unruh claims he went to the grocery store but did not see McQuitty or Suiter.


Also at the residence was Unruh’s girlfriend, Marissa Nieves. Nieves claims that at around 2:30 am McQuitty arrived at the residence and slammed the front door. McQuitty came to Unruh’s room and asked him to call Suiter. After Unruh told McQuitty Suiter was at the corner, she went to Suiter’s bedroom.

At roughly 5:00 am, Nieves claims she heard whom she believes to be Suiter come up the stairs, enter the front door, and go into his room. Nieves then heard McQuitty yelling “fuck you,” “get off me,” and “I hate you,” followed by repetitions of “fuck you.” According to the affidavit, Nieves heard banging on the walls then silence coming from the room. Nieves went back to sleep, then left in the morning without seeing either Suiter or McQuitty.

Local Bar

In an interview with police, Suiter claimed that he and McQuitty went to a local bar on November 25. Suiter says he left the bar with McQuitty and began walking home, then does not remember anything else until he woke up the next to McQuitty’s dead body the next morning. Suiter claims he noticed McQuitty was not breathing and had bruises on her back and neck. He went to his neighbor’s house to get help. Officer’s noticed what appeared to be scratch marks on the right side of Suiter’s neck.

A third party claims that she was at a local bar on November 25, and had taken some pictures with Suiter. The person, known only as B.K., claimed she found McQuitty crying outside of the bar after closing time. McQuitty told her, “my boyfriend left me.” The girl gave McQuitty a ride and dropped her off near Suiter’s home.

McQuitty was taken to Sedgwick County Regional Forensic Science Center (SCRFS) where Medical Examiner Dr. Jaime Oeberst performed the autopsy. In her preliminary findings, Dr. Oeberst noted, “multiple contusions, head, trunk, and extremities. Abrasions and contusions of the neck with numerous petechial hemorrhage. Petechial hemorrhages of the face and conjunctivae. Strap muscle hemorrhage within the neck. Contusion of the tongue.” Dr. Oeberst noted the cause of death as strangulation and the manner of death was marked as a homicide.

A History Of Violence

Looking further into the relationship between McQuitty and Suiter, it becomes painfully clear that not only was there a long history of violence; there was also a long history of Suiter’s roommate ignoring the violence being witnessed. In a post on Facebook that was later deleted, McQuitty claimed she screamed for help and Unruh ran out the door during a prior incident. McQuitty’s status accused Suiter of slamming her head into the toilet several times after she got blood on his wall from her hands. She also claims Suiter was scooping toilet water out and dumping it on her.

best boyfriend ever, am i right? This doesn’t even cover half of it…

The dirty details of him dragging me across the floor to the bathroom, and because i had put my bloody hands pn his wall to get away he beat my head against the toilet a couple times, and i was kicking it get away, he was scooping out the toilet and pouring it all over me. ..

And as i screamed for help his roommate ran out the door.

Aall because i was putting on a jacket to go smoke outside before bed. He had it in his head i was going to go “meet someone,” the fuck?

Exactly one year and one day before her death, McQuitty sent an email to Suiter that read, “The whole inside of my mouth is tore open… Like you slapped my cheek into my teeth.. Or when you were bashing my head into the toilet seat… Regardless there is a huge gash in my mouth and it hurts SO BAD. And my nose, is not only broken, but it is scared. I will have that gash on MY FACE.. for the rest of my life.”

TDH received two images of McQuitty after prior assaults by Suiter. One of the images shows McQuitty’s battered face. The other shows her bandaged and bloodied hand after Suiter had smashed her hand while she was holding a glass. The glass shattered and almost severed the tip of McQuitty’s finger.

The abuse between McQuitty and Suiter was no secret, yet law enforcement in both Oklahoma and Kansas did nothing to put an end to it. Suiter’s history of violence was present in his relationships before McQuitty. Along with law enforcement, it is now clear that witnesses, who were also close friends of Suiter, did nothing to try to prevent the violence. If there had been a strong intervention from these outside influences, McQuitty could still be alive today.



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