Does Oklahoma really have a “Oilfield Prayer Day?”

Last month Governor Mary Fallin made October 13 Oilfield Prayer Day.

  • Fallin’s first proclamation caused anger after it appeared the day was only for Christians.

  • Fallin has since welcomed all religions to join in Oilfield Prayer Day.

  • The oil and gas industry is struggling in Oklahoma, leading to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

Does Oklahoma have an “Oilfield Prayer Day?” Sadly, the answer is yes. Last month Governor Mary Fallin decided to make October 13, Oilfield Prayer Day. A day for all Christians to come together and pray for the oil and gas industry.

Fallin invites Christians to pray for the oil and gas industry.

The bizarre day of praise has angered people for a list of reasons that Fallin apparently did not take into consideration. Surprisingly, the biggest issue with Oilfield Prayer Day was that Fallin’s original decree appeared to exclude other religions from partaking in the holiest of days.

Christians are invited to thank God for the blessings created by the oil and natural gas industry and to seek His wisdom and ask for protection.

Due to the outrage caused by making Oilfield Prayer Day exclusive to only Christians invested in oil and gas, Fallin has changed her tune. Now the desperate governor is requesting for all religions to come together to pray for the beloved oil and gas industry.

There was some question about whether it was one particular faith or another, so we just amended it to say all faiths. There are many people suffering right now who have lost their jobs in the energy sector … there are a lot of families who have been hurt, and I think prayer is always a good thing, for anyone.

The request was said to be made by the Oilfield Christian Fellowship.

The proclamation was requested by the Oilfield Christian Fellowship, who apparently feel there is nothing wrong with calling upon the Creator of this Earth to give blessings towards an industry that is destroying the planet at an unprecedented rate. Makes total sense.

Fallin apparently also forgot that her title technically does not give her the power to call together members of religion for prayer. While normally a minister is the one who handles the responsibility of prayer, Fallin believes that the oil and gas industry apparently needs her to enter a holy crusade on their behalf.

Oklahoma ranks fifth in the nation in the oil industry and third in natural gas production. Over the last year, falling oil prices have dealt a damaging financial blow to the state. Ten of thousands of workers in the industry are now without jobs. Oklahoma appears to have some hard times in front of them.

Oklahoma schools feel the impact of a state protecting its oil and gas industry.

Prayer was not Fallin’s first idea to help the hurting oil and gas industry. For years Oklahoma has protected those in the oil and gas industry, while less important areas of the state, namely their schools, paid the price.

Schools are in bad shape in Oklahoma, and the hits keep coming. More budget cuts appear to be coming to an education system that is on its deathbed. The cuts are in response to a projected budget shortfall of $1.3 billion for next year. Luckily those in the oil and gas industry are protected by obscene tax breaks that would have brought in $470 million in 2015 alone.

Falling oil prices continue to hurt Oklahoma, yet lawmakers have set it up so that every area of the state feels the impact, except for those actually in the oil and gas industry.

Now as Oklahoma is suffering from the repercussions of a government that works primarily for the oil and gas industry, Fallin has nothing left to all back on but prayer. A desperate move by a governor does not even begin to sum this situation up.



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