Ohio Mother Catches 32-year-old Messaging Her 12-Year-old Daughter

Sarah Dekelaita was shocked to learn 32-year-old Kevin Winterman had been messaging her 12-year-old daughter on Instagram

  • Dekelaita’s daughter came to her after Winterman began messaging her

  • After being alerted to the messages Dekelaita began messaging Winterman from her daughter’s account

  • Winterman has a long criminal history and countless social media accounts

UPDATE: On Thursday Kevin Winterman was arrested after messaging an undercover officer posing as a 12-year-old. You can read that story by clicking here!

Online predators are something no parent hopes their child ever has to deal with, but unfortunately, it does happen more than people want to believe. One Ohio mother is relieved that her 12-year-old daughter came to her after it did happen.

Sarah Dekelaita was shocked when she discovered an adult was messaging her daughter on Instagram. The man — who we later learned is 32-year-old Kevin L Winterman of Cincinnati, Ohio — was using the picture of a younger male to initiate conversation.

The Instagram account michael867777 has a profile picture of a teenage boy. It turns out the picture in the profile is of Harley Ray Ard. When Ard was 15-years-old, he made the news after he went missing from his home in Sumter County. Winterman’s profile picture was one of the images released to the public while he was missing.

Ard was found ten days after going missing. In 2017, at the age of 17-years-old, Ard faced 27 charges that included break-ins and larcenies. Ard is currently in prison for those charges.

Winterman eventually admitted he was older in the messages and sent pictures of himself. He believed he was still messaging with Dekelaita’s 12-year-old daughter when in reality he was messaging her.

After Dekelaita’s daughter began receiving messages, she went and told her mother. Dekelaita started messaging with Winterman from her daughter’s account until he eventually blocked her. After he blocked Dekelaita, she made a post to her Facebook asking for help identifying the person messaging her daughter.

Who knows a name for this pos! Keeps messaging my 12yr daughter inappropriate things. Says he lives in Cincinnati…..that is his Instagram name..and has nothing but young girls as friends on there..so I know he’s messaging the others.
I don’t play when it comes to my girls.

The Daily Haze spoke to Dekelaita and who sent us some of the messages between Winterman and who he believed to be a 12-year-old girl. In the messages, Dekelaita makes it clear she is 12-years-old but that does not stop Winterman from asking sexual questions and even trying to meet in person. Below are a few screenshots from the conversation between Dekelaita and Winterman.

As it turns out, this is not the first time Winterman has done this to an underage person. On October 8, 2016, John Waits made a post claiming that Winterman had been messaging his 13-year-old nephew and asking for pictures of his penis.


Under the name “Kevin Winterman” we found 14 different accounts on Facebook, the majority of which seem to no longer be used. All of the accounts appear to be related to Winterman.

A look into Winterman’s past shows that Dekelaita has good reason to be concerned. Winterman was arrested in Kentucky four years ago for “unlawful transaction with a minor,” a 3rd Degree Misdemeanor, according to Mugshots.com.

TDH also found Winterman has a lengthy criminal history dating back to at least 2005. The crimes range from multiple charges of burglary and theft to domestic violence and assault cases around Ohio.

Dekelaita contacted law enforcement but did not sound hopeful that Winterman would face the punishment he deserves, mainly since his interactions with her daughter were done on “social media.” A situation like this is a parent’s worst nightmare, as it is clear Winterman has a history of trying to solicit minors online. How long will it be, if he hasn’t already, until he finds a minor who agrees to meet him.

Despite the evidence showing that Winterman is a threat to children, from a legal aspect it may take him physically harming a child before he faces any legal repercussions. Dekelaita is hoping that is not the case and that Ohio law enforcement will step in and do something before a child gets hurt.




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