Ohio Father Makes Daughter Walk To School After Bullying On The Bus

Ohio father Matt Cox went viral for making his daughter walk to school in the cold after she was kicked off the school bus for bullying another student

  • In the video Cox says this is the second time this school year she was bullying a kid on the bus

  • Cox made the 10-year-old walk five miles while it was 36 degrees outside to teach her a lesson

  • The video has been viewed over 14 million times since he uploaded it on Monday

On Monday, Matt Cox uploaded a video to Facebook of his 10-year-old daughter walking five miles to school while it was 36 degrees outside after she was kicked off of the school bus for bullying for the second time second time this school year.

In the video, Cox’s daughter is seen walking on the side of the road as he drives behind her. “Good morning and happy Monday everyone,” Cox is heard saying. Cox then begins explaining what is going on in the video.

Well, it’s a happy Monday for some of us.

A little background into this video that’s being shot this morning. This lovely lady is my 10-year-old daughter, who has for the second time this school year been kicked off the school bus due to bullying another student. Let me make this extremely clear. Bullying is unacceptable. Especially in my household.

Cox goes on to say that his daughter expected him to drive her to school after being kicked off the bus. He goes on to explain that he believes children are constantly confusing privilege with rights, such as the privilege of receiving a ride to school from parents or a school bus.

While Cox was expecting some to disagree with his punishment, after going viral he has received an overwhelming amount of support. The video has received over 14 million views since it was uploaded on Monday.

Cox told abc Action News that his daughter was upset at the start of the walk, but after talking to her during the walk and explaining her actions were the reason she had to walk calmed her down. By the end of the walk he said she had realized if she hadn’t bullied anybody she would still be riding the bus.

Along with the millions of views came countless stories of people being bullied. Cox has been sitting down with his children and reading them stories of people being bullied. Cox said his daughter along with his other two children, “seem to show a great deal of empathy towards some of the sad stories that I read with them.”

I just hope that through the video being shared kids can take a look and read some of the comments and tutorials on the post and see just how much words can hurt and cut deep and can have lasting effects on those involved sometimes in the most awful cases life-ending effects.

I also hope that parents see the video and start holding their kids accountable for their actions and stop sweeping their child’s actions under the rug with the ideology that kids will be kids. We as parents need to stop the bullying on the home front because bullying only breeds bullying.

In the last few months The Daily Haze has reported on two separate 9-year-old children committing suicide due to bullying. In August, Jamel Myles committed suicide after facing homophobic bullying from fellow students at Joe Shoemaker School in Denver, Colorado.

Weeks before his suicide Myles told his mother he was gay. Then following his fourth day back at school, Myles killed himself. His mother said with her support he felt proud to be gay. Myles had told her he wanted to tell the other students at the school. After telling the other students, Myles told his sister the other kids were telling him to kill himself.

In November, Madison “Maddie” Whittsett also committed suicide after being bullied at school. Maddie was the daughter of Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Lt. Jimmie Williams. Her mother Eugenia Williams said Maddie came home from school and was excited they were going to eat at Chick-fil-A. While Eugenia was finishing getting ready, Maddie went to her room.

When Eugenia was finished getting ready and called for Maddie she was suspicious when there was no response. When she went into Maddie’s room she noticed her daughter was not watching TV and her closet door was open. Eugenia found the 9-year-old hanging and quickly cut her down. Unfortunately, due to issues with getting Maddie airlifted to a better equip hospital, she passed away.

Like many other bullying situations, Maddie’s parents were told the bullying situation at school had been resolved when clearly it had not. Stories like these are why Cox is getting a positive response for teaching his daughter bullying is wrong instead of hoping someone else will do it for him.



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