Off-Duty DC Officer Used His Service Weapon In Fatal Shooting

Little known following a fatal police shooting involving an off-duty DC officer

  • DC Police Chief Peter Newsham confirmed the officer was not in uniform

  • Newsham confirmed the officer used his department-issued service weapon in the shooting

  • A gun was said to be found in the vicinity of the victim

  • The male victim in his 20s was pronounced dead at a local hospital

A homicide investigation in D.C. is now confirmed to be a officer-involved shooting after an off-duty officer shot an unidentified person with his service weapon.

The shooting occurred just before 7:00 pm on the 2300 block of 15th Street by the Brentwood Recreation Center. According to DC Police Chief Peter Newsham, there were multiple agencies in the area at the time of the shooting.

During a press briefing, Newsham stated that several officers from different agencies heard the shots and arrived on the scene. Once on the scene, officers found a male in his 20s with multiple gunshots wounds. The unidentified man was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Also on the scene was an off-duty officer. Newsham confirmed the officer was not wearing his uniform but did use his department-issued service weapon in the shooting. A second gun was said to have been found in the “vicinity” of the male victim.

At this time, Newsham stated that it is not known why the officer was in the area, or what led to the shooting. Newsham was not able to say if the victim fired any shots at the officer.

Hours after the shooting the officer was allegedly still on the scene waiting to speak with Internal Affairs. A tweet from Alan Henney claimed a possibility of a second suspect and a second victim. In the tweet, it said both men fled towards Montana Ave. Newsham was not able to verify if the officer initially left the scene.

CRITICAL SHOOTING EARLIER (6:52 p.m.)- 15th St NE at Adams St NE-DC near the Brentwood Recreation Center. Reported as a 20-ish-year-old man in respiratory arrest. Possibly a 2nd victim. Suspects were 2 men who fled toward Montana Ave.


In a second tweet, Henney shared a 4:12 video of Newsham’s update with the caption, update: “CRITICAL SHOOTING-NOW A FATAL OFF-DUTY OFFICER-INVOLVED SHOOTING- 15th St NE at Adams St NE-DC near the Brentwood Recreation Center. Man who was shot is now DEAD. Chief Newsham provides an update.”



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