Norwegian Facebook Group “Fedrelandet viktigst” Trolled With Pic Of Empty Bus Seats

An Norwegian anti-immigration Facebook group recently got trolled with a picture of empty bus seats they believed were women in burqas

  • Johan Slåttavik posted the picture in the group as a practical joke

  • The prank came as Norway has faced and influx of Muslim immigrants and are pushing for restrictions against burqas

  • Slåttavik’s post question the difference between “legitimate immigration criticism” and “blind racism”

The Norwegian anti-immigration group “Fedrelandet viktigst,” which means “Fatherland first,” recently caught some attention after an over the top response to a picture of empty bus seats they believed were women in burqas.

Johan Slåttavik

Johan Slåttavik posted the image in the Facebook group because he said he was bored and just wanted to pull “a little practical joke.” Slåttavik went on to say that he was curious how people would react. “I ended up having a good laugh,” Slattavik told WorldViews in a Facebook message.

The caption with the picture read, “What do people think of this?” Many immediately used the post as a perfect example of the problems associated with the rise of Muslim immigrants coming to Norway over the last few years. Screenshots were posted by Sindre Beyer to his personal Facebook.

Restrictions Against Burqas And Nigabs

The post comes after Norway announced plans for restrictions against wearing burqas and niqabs. France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria and the German state of Bavaria have already placed restrictions against wearing full-face veils in certain public places.

If the restrictions are passed, Norway will become the first Nordic country to introduce a ban on burqas for both adults and children.

During a news conference, Minister of Immigration and Integration, Per Sandberg, said that “Face-covering garment such as the niqab or burqa do not belong in Norwegian schools. The ability to communicate is a basic value.” Masks and other clothing that covers the face would also fall under the ban.


Even with the current issues involving Muslim immigrants, Some of the responses to Slåttavik’s post were pretty hate filled. The picture that users believed to show six women in burqas spawned comments such as, “Space for a lot of explosives beneath it,” “DISGUSTING,” and “Sitting garbage bags.”

Slåttavik told TV 2, “I wanted to highlight the difference between legitimate immigration criticism and blind racism, and to see how a group’s reaction affects the reaction of individuals.”



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