Northwest student arrested after posting threats on Snapchat with a gun.

Colerain Township, Ohio police arrested a Northwest student that made threats on his Snapchat.

  • Screenshots showed a picture of a gun, with a warning for students to not attend school tomorrow.

  • The gun in the picture was found and determined to be a BB gun.

  • School proceeded as planned on Tuesday with higher security.

A teenager was arrested Tuesday afternoon after posting threats to Snapchat for those attending Northwest High School. The viral screenshot now has parents scared around the country.

“Do not come to school tomorroe. You’ve been warned”

The picture is two screenshots of a Facebook message that shows the Snapchat threat. On Snapchat, the teenager posted a picture of a gun that read “Do not come to school tomorroe.” The next snap simply read, “You’ve been warned.”

After being uploaded to Facebook, the alarming picture was shared thousands of times, leading many to believe the picture is in reference to their local Northwest High School.

Colerain Township, Ohio police have confirmed an arrest was made. The gun in the picture was determined to be a BB gun. Police were able to retrieve the gun after a K-9 located it in a wooded area behind his house.

The juvenile was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats and tampering with evidence. The student’s first court date has been scheduled for Wednesday at 8:30 am.

Concerned parents began notifying the police and the Safe School Hotline after the picture went viral making it easier for the arrest to be made. School proceeded as scheduled on Tuesday with heightened security.





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