North Korea’s 6th Nuclear Test Causes 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake

It is confirmed that North Korea has done a 6th nuclear test that caused a 6.3 artificial earthquake

  • Sunday’s nuclear test came hours after Pyongyang released an image claiming to be a new hydrogen bomb being loaded on a intercontinental ballistic missile

  • South Korea’s weather agency detected a 6.3 magnitude earthquake near Pyongyang’s Pyunggye-ri nuclear test site

  • It is estimated that Sunday’s test was 100 kilotons while Pyongyang’s 5th test was estimated at 10 kilotons

  • South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency initially suspected a second test but later recanted the theory

  • Sunday’s nuclear test is believed to be a direct response from Pyongyang to President Donald Trump

It is confirmed that a 6.3 magnitude earthquake detected by South Korea’s weather agency was the result of Pyongyang’s 6th nuclear test.

The most recent test was much more powerful than their 5th test and came hours after Pyongyang claimed to have developed a more advanced nuclear weapon with “great destructive power.” Kim Jong-un reportedly inspected a hydrogen bomb that was set to be loaded on a new intercontinental missile.

100 Kilotons

This 6th nuclear test is said to have an estimated yield of up to 100 kilotons, “about four to five times stronger than the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945, the chief of the parliament’s defense committee said Sunday,” according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

North Korea’s 5th nuclear test was estimated to be only 10 kilotons. Tremors from Sunday’s test were reported to be at least ten times more powerful than North Korea’s 5th test, which happened a year ago when Pyongyang exploded an atomic bomb.

Pyongyang has carried out nuclear experiments in 2006, 2009, 2013 and 2016. This 6th nuclear test does not necessarily change the source of the escalating situation in North Korea.

It is now up to the Trump administration to decide if they will talk with Pyongyang, or continue to use failed tactics, such as, show of force and UN sanctions, which have proven to only escalate tensions over the years.

Pyunggye-ri Nuclear Test Site

Initially, it was believed Pyongyang had conducted a second nuclear test, but it is now determined to be a structural collapse from the initial test.

Hours after the test, North Korea claimed the successful test of an H-bomb. North Korea’s state-run broadcaster claimed North Korea did successfully carry out a 6th nuclear test hours after an artificial earthquake was detected near Pyongyang’s Pyunggye-ri nuclear test site.

This 6th test was said to be a direct challenge towards President Donald Trump. It came just hours after Pyongyang released images claiming to show a hydrogen bomb being loaded on a new intercontinental ballistic missile.

Sunday’s test is the first since Trump has taken office, and is a clear warning that Pyongyang is getting dangerously close to developing an intercontinental missile capable of hitting America’s mainland.



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