What Is The Dangerous New Street Drug Called “Sweet”

Four viral videos on Facebook claim there is a new dangerous street drug named “sweet”

  • José Luis Ortega posted the videos to his Facebook on February 15

  • The videos have recently began going viral again

  • The videos show two different women clearly under the influence of a powerful drug

A series of viral videos claims to show a dangerous new street drug that is only referenced to as “sweet.” The alleged new drug first popped onto social media in February, but recently seems to be getting a lot of attention.

On February 15, José Luis Ortega posted four videos to his Facebook page. The original caption is in Spanish but loosely translates to, “The video is very strong, it looks like the dead dead. It’s amazing that we’re close to what we think is fiction. The new drug of the moment is called sweet. You put it like candy in your eyes, because it goes faster to the bloodstream. Follow the video. Let’s go over everything we can, because we can avoid bigger evils. The scene is strong. But every teenager has to look.”


La nueva droga del momento se llama dulce.
Lo pones como una caramelos en los ojos, porque así va más rápido a la corriente sanguínea.
Sigue el video.
Vamos a repasar todo lo posible, porque así podremos evitar males mayores.
La escena es fuerte. Pero cada adolescente tiene que mirar.

The first video shows a woman placing a small square piece of paper underneath her bottom eyelid. The woman then opens her mouth and takes a second piece of paper off her tongue then places it underneath her other bottom eyelid. The second video shows the woman having a bad reaction to the drug and convulsing on the floor as bystanders attempt to help.

While the caption claims the drug to be “dulce,” or “sweet,” it appears more likely to be LSD. A bad LSD trip could very well explain the bad reaction in the second video as well. The videos were also uploaded to Ebaum’s World under the title, “Girl Instantly Regrets Putting 2 Tabs Of LSD In Her Eyes,” although some comments disagree that the results of the drug appear to be LSD. The video was uploaded in August of 2017.

In the third and fourth video, a woman is found in the back of a truck. She looks and acts like a zombie straight out of a horror film. Officials are already on the scene as the woman spastically jerks her body in an incredibly terrifying and unnatural manner before diving out of the bed of the truck.

The behavior in the last two videos looks more like flakka or some form of bath salts. The two videos have been uploaded to several YouTube channels in late 2017. Under none of the other uploads was it claimed the woman was under the influence of a new drug called sweet.

In fact, there is no evidence available to suggest that such a drug exists at this time. A collection of drug terms from the DEA has dulces listed as a slur for cocaine. Aside from that, no law enforcement agencies appear to be reporting the possible new drug to the public, and the possible new drug does not appear to have any online presence. It would appear the new street drug is nothing more than a rumor spread on social media.



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