New Jersey State Trooper Sexually Assaults Man During Traffic Stop

Video shows a New Jersey State Trooper sexually assaulting a man during a routine traffic stop after claiming to smell the odor of marijuana

  • Jack Levine was on his way to work when he was stopped for tailgating by Trooper Joseph Drew

  • During the stop Drew claimed to smell the odor of marijuana

  • Drew is seen putting his hands down Levine’s pants on the side of the road

  • After finding nothing the troopers let Levine go with a citation for tailgating

A disturbing video shows a man getting sexually assaulted on the side of a road by a New Jersey State Police Trooper after he claimed to smell the odor of marijuana during a routine traffic stop.

According to court documents, on March 8, 2017, Jack Levine was driving to work when he was stopped by Trooper Joseph Drew for tailgating. Drew asks Levine if he possesses a medical marijuana card, to which Levine responds no.

Drew claims to smell marijuana and places Levine in handcuffs then forces him to sit in his police cruiser. As Levine is in the cruiser, Drew and Trooper Andrew Whitmore are heard discussing the odor of marijuana and upping the severity of the search. At one point in the video, Whitmore tells Levine he is under arrest for the “odor of marijuana.”

The two troopers have Levine get out of the cruiser and Drew puts on a rubber glove before stuffing his hands down the back of the suspect’s pants. Levine is visibly shocked and even laughs at how ridiculous the trooper’s actions are. At one point Levine says, “Did you find it? Did you find it?” then begins screaming that he is being raped.

After putting his hands down Levine’s pants from behind, Drew turns the confused man around and undoes his pants, then puts his hands down the front of Levine’s pants. Levine turns around to avoid exposing himself. From Levine’s reaction, it appears Drew is touching his penis.

After not finding anything during a search of Levine’s vehicle or while sexually assaulting the man on the side of the highway, the troopers uncuffed him and tell him he is free to go after issuing him a tailgating citation. The citation was later dropped in municipal court. State Police spokesman, Sgt. Jeff Flynn stated an internal investigation was being conducted, but neither trooper was removed from active duty.

Levine’s attorney filed a claim asking a judge if his client could sue the trooper but it was denied. It is still possible for Levine to file a federal civil rights lawsuit, but it may be difficult for to get a court to rule a search warrant was necessary.



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