Naked Chicago Man On Drugs Cuts Off Penis And Gets Tasered By Cops

Naked man in Chicago allegedly cut off his penis before charging police twice and being shot with a Taser

  • The man in the video is seen clearly covered in blood around the area of his crotch

  • After arriving on the scene two officers ending up using their Tasers on the naked man

  • The man recording the video can be heard yelling “Shoot that mother fucker”

  • Police have yet to comment on the allegation the man cut off his own penis

A disturbing video out of Chicago shows a naked man screaming belligerently after allegedly cutting off his penis. Police arrive on the scene, and the naked man is hit with two Tasers before the video ends.

The Daily Mail reported the video was recorded on July 24, in Irving Park community close to the intersection of Grace Street and Drake Avenue.

In the video, you can clearly see blood on the naked man as he begins screaming at the male recording from behind a fence. The man recording is trying to calm the naked,  angry, and bleeding man down. Police sirens can be heard arriving in the background.

Shoot That Mother Fucker

Roughly ten seconds into the video, the naked man begins walking towards police. Once approaching the street, the man begins charging the first officer that got out of the squad car.

The man is struck with the officer’s Taser but still manages to run behind the squad car before going to the ground in the street. The man recording can be heard screaming, “Oh my God! Oh my God bro!” followed by, “Shoot his ass! Shoot that mother fucker.”

The person with the man recording does not sound as excited about the man being shot. You can hear him say, “Please be careful. Oh my God.” The man recording is then heard yelling, “This is the time when you shoot people!” The nervous friend replies, “I cannot watch someone get shot.”

The man recording later says, “He’s gonna get shot, bro. He’s gonna get shot and killed.” Another police officer arrives on the scene and gets out of his van. Upon exiting the van, the officer is seen preparing his Taser.

As the officer takes a couple of steps from his van, the naked man gets off the ground and begins charging again. The officer hits the naked man with his Taser, and he goes to the ground once again as the man recording begins to laugh.

People Were Around Him

Eriz Gonzalez, the man with the man recording, told The Sun the following about the situation.

I went to visit my boy after work, and when I parked up I seen (naked guy still clothed) rolling around in the middle of the street.

People were around him, and he started cussing him out and pushing them.

They left, and he stripped but ass naked in the middle of the street.

I left my car and chilled with my boy outside to see whats going on.

Mind you, this is literally across the street from an elementary school, which kids were present.

He went to random peoples’ houses, broke their windows and started hitting and bashing windows of a randomly parked car, naked of course.

We stayed out to see if he was going to bash our, however he started to come towards us.

We closed and locked the gate, and at that point the police came.

At this time the man’s identity has not been released. Police have yet to comment on the man allegedly cutting his penis off. However, police say the man was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

It is believed that the man was high on either the hallucinogen LSD; or more likely, one of the more terrifying newer drugs, such as Flakka or bath salts. Videos can be found all over the Web of people high on these dangerous newer drugs. These videos show almost identical behavior when compared to the naked man in the video from Chicago.



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