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Did Mother Nature protest the Trump Inauguration before it happened?

For a large group of Americans this weekend, nothing was more riveting than The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and all the pageantry that surrounded it. The Daily Haze was in Washington D.C. for the week and can testify that the event was indeed (as Donald would say), “YUGE!”. However, while Washington D.C. prepared for the Trump Inauguration… roughly 2,000 miles away, in south-west Mexico… the earth shook.

The Big Boom before the Trump Inauguration…

On Thursday, January 19th, the day before the Trump Inauguration, most Americans, along with Donald Trump, were anxiously awaiting the events of the weekend to come. Hundreds of thousands of people were making their way to our nations capitol. Some were traveling to Washington D.C. to show support, some were making their way to protest, but EVERYONE was going to our nations capitol to make their voices heard… as loud as possible. What NONE of them realized however, is Mother Nature had no intention of being up-staged by Donald Trump as the famous Colima Volcano in Mexico furiously erupted, as you can see in the video below (timelapse)…

Not one, but TWO eruptions shook the countryside of south-west Mexico Thursday. One sizable eruption occurred in the early morning with a follow up explosion later that evening that has been recorded as the most powerful eruption the famous volcano has offered in years. It was reported that the golden fireballs rocketed out of the volcano reached as high as 6,000ft in the air with plumes of ash being shot almost two miles high!

Since erupting, the volcano has returned to a very mild state. Experts say however, they aren’t sure the volcano has been fully drained of its energy and are keeping a close eye on it.

Maybe Colima waiting for President Trump to install all the members of his cabinet before letting loose again? Only time will tell.



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