Mother kicks child out of house for voting for Donald Trump in school

A woman uploaded the most disgusting video yet in the days following the Presidential Election

  • The mother in the video, known only as Tchernavia So’ Juicii Stallworth (Juicii da Boss) uploaded the disturbing video to her Facebook

  • Since uploading the video, the mother has deleted her Facebook

  • The video was uploaded again to the Michelle Obama For 2020 Facebook page

UPDATE: The mother in the video did not delete her Facebook account. TDH was informed that she changed the name of it to “Glo Stallworth (Mama Glo).” According to Stallworth’s private account, she attended Lamar University. Rumors have spread that CPS has already removed her child from the home, but that has yet to be confirmed. 

2nd Update: A woman who had nothing to do with the video has been falsely accused of being the woman behind the video. Tchenavia ProudMommy Singleton recently made a talking about the hellish day she has had thanks to the false accusations. Her post reads as follows. 

“What a trying past few hours….thanks to those that took the time to research and get the facts straight! It’s sickening how quickly people can jump to conclusions and want to be right without confirming anything! Thank God I am mentally stabled because I know this is only the beginning. Although some of you realized you were wrong and deleted those awful comments the damage has already been done! Y’all chose to spread my profile and my babies pictures all around social media saying contact CPS! I can not put into words how much I love my children and anyone that knows me personally would tell you the same! My heart beats for them everyday. I was called a spawn of the devil today for mistreating my children, of all the things that were said and all the names that were called this is what bothered me the most! In my profile picture my kids and I were in the parking lot waiting to go into church! The irony of the very same picture you guys are spreading around! My God is greater than this so for those of you that are foolish enough to continue to spread this nonsense I’ll be praying for you because I already told you it wasn’t me and I asked Y’all to please leave me alone. For heaven sakes I don’t even live in Texas!”

Ever since Donald Trump won the Presidential Election, social media has become a real nightmare. Perhaps the most disgusting video to hit the Web is going viral.

A mother uploaded a video of her yelling at her young child and kicking him out of her house because he voted for Donald Trump. The child in the video is crying and clearly does not even understand what he did wrong.

The child has no clue of the accusations of racism, sexual assault, or any of the other issues the Trump campaign gained during the election, he just simply saw Trump on TV and liked him. A completely innocent gesture.

Well, the mother made a huge mistake when she decided to upload that video to her Facebook. It is unclear what exactly she thought was going to happen by sharing her horrific parenting skills with the world, but surely the response she got was hot the one she was expecting.

The woman’s Facebook account, which is deleted now, was under the name “Tchernavia So’ Juicii Stallworth (Juicii da Boss).” Wemother-kicks-child-out-for-voting-for-trump could not have made that up if we tried. According to the deleted account, the woman lives in Houston, Texas.

At this moment we are not able to verify the woman’s real name or any pertinent information aside from the screenshot of the deleted account that originally posted the video which was sent to us.

Luckily, before she deleted the account the video was already saved. The Facebook page Michelle Obama For 2020 uploaded the video, which has now been viewed over 2 million times.

The video was uploaded again in hopes that someone would identify the woman and get the child removed from her custody. Clearly, just from this video, it is obvious that this woman has no business raising a child.



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