Mother Starts $60,000 Go Fund Me Following Son’s Shootout With Police

The mother of 21-year-old Elijah Martinez started a $60,000 Go Fund Me for the “legal representation that he deserves”

  • On December 27, Martinez fired rounds at a man that caught him stealing mail

  • Martinez then stole the man’s truck, shot at officers and was in a high-speed pursuit

  • Before leaving in the truck Martinez was shot in the lower jaw while exchanging gunshots with officers

Crowdfunding has become a typical way for advocates to raise money for a family following a wrongful police shooting. However, it is rare to see crowdfunding for someone who started a non-fatal shootout with police.

On December 27, 2017, 21-year-old Elijah Martinez led Wichita, Kansas, police officers on a high-speed pursuit after he was caught trying to steal mail and fired shots at an individual before stealing his truck. Before leaving in the stolen truck, Martinez exchanged fire with officers and was shot in the lower jaw.

The pursuit started at a business located on the 700 block of North Gilda Street. According to KWCH, Martinez also fired at an officer at Central and I-235 and steered toward an officer attempting to deploy stop sticks at Maple and Meridian. The chase ended after Martinez crashed the stolen truck at the intersection of Maple and Maize Road.

On Wednesday, a Go Fund Me was started to help Martinez with his upcoming legal fees. The campaign’s title read, “CITIZENS vs WICHITA POLICE SHOOTING” and had a goal of $60,000. The caption with the profile read as follows.

Anyone that knows Elijah knows what a loving , kind person he is. Eli was always thought about others and their needs before his own. There wasnt anything he wouldnt do to help others.. I know that he wouldnt appreciate me starting this fund and asking people to help him but its the only way to get him the legal representation that he deserves. I spoke with his court appointed attorney yesterday. He told me that the District Attorney called him personaly to tell him that Elijah was going to do 40 years. We all know he dont deserve that. Elijah didnt hurt anyone and never would. He is the only one hurt. Wichita PD shot my son in the back of the head. They tried to KILL him. Thank God they were not successful. However they did do alot of damage. The bullet took 12 teeth shattered his jaw, over half his tongue and many other things. Elijah will never be the same again. That still isnt enough for Wichita PD. They want him to do the rest of his life in prison. I am pleading with everyone that knows Elijah donate something share this go fund me on facebook and get it out there so that he stands a chance. This is the case that could save many other lives. Wichita police are trigger happy and taking many lives and even inncent people. It will be a big part of this case and the Media is following very closely. This is the time for to stand up for our rights. Thanks to all that even took the time to read this.


The campaign was created by “Neverstop Martinez,” which led to the profile of Angela Kohler. Both the campaign and the user Kohler’s profile has already been removed from Go Fund Me.

Before it was deleted, the Go Fund Me was also shared on Martinez’s Facebook page. The person using the account claimed to be Martinez’s mother.

Martinez’s shootout occurred just a day before the fatal WPD shooting of 28-year-old Andrew Finch. The community has shown outrage after Officer Justin Rapp allegedly shot Finch after responding to a prank swatting call. Just days later, Officer Dexter Betts shot a 9-year-old girl in the face while trying to shoot a miniature dog inside of a house in front of four children age 6 to 10. Unfortunately for Martinez, it is doubtful people are going to feel the urge to help with his legal problems.




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