Mother Of Dominique White Arrested While Protesting His Death In Topeka

Dominique White’s mother Theresa Wynne arrested on Tuesday in Topeka during protest

  • Tuesday’s protest was the third in the last three weeks organized by the Poor People’s Campaign

  • Wynne was one of 14 protesters arrested on Tuesday following a large demonstration

  • White was shot six times in the back while running from Topeka police in September

On Tuesday, Theresa Wynne was one of 14 protesters arrested today in Topeka, Kansas marking the third week of protests for the Poor People’s Campaign.

Wynne is the mother of Dominique White, a 30-year-old father of four who was shot and killed by Topeka Police Officers Justin Mackey and Michael Cruse last September.

On September 29, White was stopped in the 300 block of S.E. Lawrence St. It was reported that officers were responding to a call of gunshots in the area and stopped White as a possible suspect.

Two graphic videos from Mackey and Cruse’s body cameras show the entire stop. Shawnee County District Attorney Michael Kagay released the videos on December 27, which happened to be the same day Kagay decided no charges would be brought against either officer.

It is my conclusion based on a review of all relevant facts and law, that the actions of the officers involved in this incident do not rise to the level of criminal conduct.

In the videos, we see officers stop White and following a brief conversation they beginning searching him. One of the officers discovers a gun in White’s pocket, at which point the man breaks away from the officers and starts running away from them.

As White is seen running from the officers, Mackey and Cruse fire a total of six shots in his back. White is seen slowing down before he finally succumbs to his wounds and falls to the ground in the middle of the street.


Despite White never turning back to face the officers, Kagay claimed he waved his hand over the pocket with the gun in it, making him a threat to use deadly force. Kagay’s report said officers found a gun with eight rounds of ammunition along with two loaded magazines and a knife.

Tuesday’s protest marked the third in three weeks organized by the Poor People’s Campaign. On May 21, 18 people were arrested at Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s office as the theme focused on systemic racism. Kobach was targeted due to his immigration and voting rights policies.

On May 14, two dozen people were issued citations for blocking traffic in front of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. Organizer Rachel Shivers said the location was chosen to take a stand against the oppression of the Koch brothers.



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