Mother Of 9-Year-Old Roy’Ale Spencer Says Shooting Was Not An Accident

  • Roy’Ale was shot by an 11-year-old friend on January 21 at his mother’s residence
  • Officials have called the shooting a tragic accident but Roy’Ale’s mother says it was intentional
  • The family initially claimed Roy’Ale had shot himself
  • After leaving the crime scene the 11-year-old admitted he shot Roy’Ale
  • A source close to the family claims the shooting was intentional and the gun safe was not locked

On January 21, Geneva Smith received a phone call she will never forget. On that call, Smith was told that her son, 9-year-old son Roy’Ale Bruce Elon Spencer was dead after he accidentally shot himself with a shotgun. However, Smith says what she has been told since the shooting does not match the narrative being pushed by police and local media.

Roy’Ale and his 15-year-old brother stayed the night at a friend’s house. Smith told The Daily Haze that they knew the family and never imagined the possibility that one of her children would die while in their care. Even in the case of an accidental death, Smith never imagined she would be living in the nightmare she is in today.

According to police, Roy’Ale and an 11-year-old at the house managed to get into the mother’s gun safe. The two were playing with the gun, and the 11-year-old accidentally shot Roy’Ale, killing him on the scene. Officials and local media outlets have called the shooting a tragic accident, but information Smith has received in the weeks following suggests her son’s death was anything but an accident.

The morning of the shooting Roy’Ale’s brother was woken up and told his little brother had shot himself. The shotgun had been placed on top of Roy’Ale’s body, despite a sister of the shooter claiming she gave CPR to Roy’Ale while waiting for first responders. Smith says medics confirmed the shotgun was on top of Roy’Ale when they arrived. The mother of the 11-year-old had allegedly gone to work nearby and took her child that was Roy’Ale’s age with her. The mother allegedly made it back to the home after the shooting before first responders arrived on the scene.

Before detectives arrived on the scene, the 11-year-old allegedly asked Roy’Ale’s brother if they could retrieve fingerprints off the gun. The 11-year-old then left the scene. Smith told TDH he was found two hours later with his father. At that point, the 11-year-old was taken in for questioning. During questioning, he admitted to shooting Roy’Ale but claimed he believed the gun was a BB gun, which shows he deliberately pulled the trigger regardless of the weapon he was holding.

Contrary to local reports of one being in custody, nobody was taken into custody. The family of the 11-year-old went on a trip to Kansas City following the shooting. According to Smith, the detective over the case did not appear aware the family had left the area. A source close to the family claims the 11-year-old went back to school, but only stayed for half a day due to threats he was receiving at school.

Weeks after the shooting, Smith began receiving messages via Facebook from a person claiming to be friends with the father’s girlfriend. The 11-year-old’s father and mother are no longer together. Smith called the person who asked to remain anonymous, at which point she was told the 11-year-old told Roy’Ale “I’m going to fucking shoot you” before he pulled the trigger.

According to the anonymous source, the gun safe was not locked. The two children retrieved the shotgun from the safe and Roy’Ale was initially playing with it. The 11-year-old took the gun from Roy’Ale and shot him shortly after. In the phone call, Smith was told the 11-year-old had been “acting out” and they believe the shooting was intentional. The anonymous source also claims Roy’Ale was shot in the back. He was trying to get away from the 11-year-old.

Below is the entire phone call. The caller’s voice has been changed and names have been removed to protect the innocent.

Smith has been told there is a chance that no charges would be pressed. The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office of Marc Bennett allegedly told Smith the 11-year-old is too young to charge and have not mentioned charges against any other members of the family. On Thursday, after WPD turned the investigation over to Bennett’s office, Smith held a protest calling for charges in relation to the death of her son. Smith is now waiting for Bennett’s decision on pressing charges, which may come sometime next week.

As far as Smith knows, the mother is not even facing charges of child endangerment. The Department for Children and Families — who are currently facing a mounting number of federal lawsuits for their negligence — have not even checked the mother to see if the 11-year-old and his siblings are in a safe environment at the house despite an 11-year-old killing a 9-year-old while the mother was allegedly at work. Smith is frustrated, as she has not been allowed to see any of the police reports, or anything related to her son’s death. To her, the investigation feels more like a cover-up, which in this situation, is understandable when you consider it was initially claimed Roy’Ale shot himself and somebody took the time to place the gun on top of his body.



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