Did Morton County Sheriff’s Department remove their Facebook page amidst claims of human rights violations

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page appears to have been deleted

  • ┬áThere is no confirmation that Anonymous has anything to do with the missing page

  • Rumor has spread that Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier was suspended and that is why the account was deleted

  • The Morton County Sheriff’s Department was heavily ridiculed on their Facebook page before its deletion

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department has been quite vocal on their Facebook page. It has become a soapbox for them to preach their innocence to deaf ears.

The Facebook page was full of propaganda aimed to damn water protectors and cover law enforcement’s ass. Despite their attempts, it was clear from the comment section on every post that the department lost their support from the majority of the people.

On every post, people constantly commented #IStandWithStandingRockmorton-county-sheriffs-department-removes-their-facebook-page-amidst-claims-of-human-rights-violations, and┬ámore recently, copy and paste bombs repeating the word “lies,” MCSD still constantly attempted to defend themselves through their Facebook page.

Then suddenly, on Friday night, the MCSD Facebook page was removed, and nobody is quite sure why. There could be several reasons for the removal of the page, but as of now, there is no confirmation. TDH tried to reach out to MCSD, but are still waiting for a response.


Some believe it may be the work of the hacker collective Anonymous. While it is a good theory, it is highly unlikely. To delete a Facebook page, you have to be a main admin on the page. It is highly doubtful that whoever runs the page would have added on a new admin that has nothing to do with the department.

Long ago, hacking a Facebook page was a relatively simple task. However, over the years Facebook has stepped up their security. Hacking a Facebook account is now quite a grueling task and most likely not the culprit behind the missing page.

The removal of the page also does not fit Anonymous’ modus operandi. While deleting a Facebook page is very aggravating to the owner, normally when a hacker conquers an area of the web, there is something left to show who did it and why. Almost like a battle flag of sorts. Taking that Facebook page would be a huge victory in the cyber world, and the new owner of the page would have celebrated their win.

Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger’s suspension

Some have started a rumor that Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier has been suspended. At this time, that does not appear to be true. Instead, some may be confusing the recent suspension of McKenzie County Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger for Kirchmeier.

Schwartzenberger was recently accused of being guilty of misconduct, malfeasance, crime in office, neglect of duty or gross incompetency. The suspension was backed by the BCI, who found Schwartzenberger on Wednesday night while he was working on the Dakota Access Pipeline protest enforcement.

After growing complaints from his employees and others in county departments, the Village Business Institute was able to remove Schwartzenberger on the grounds of harassment and intimidation amid concerns that he fostered a quasi-military environment.

Other theories

People have also been telling others to report the MCSD Facebook page to Facebook in an attempt to get them shut down. With Facebook’s policies on pages and the amount of weight that reports from random strangers hold, this may be a possibility as to why the page is down.

Others are saying that they may have taken the page down due to upcoming legal problems the department will most likely be facing as those injured by the department begin filing their lawsuits. While no suits for injuries have been filed as of yet, after the department’s actions last Sunday, it is just a matter of time.



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