What Is The “Momo Game” The Newest Suicide Game On Social Media

A possible new online suicide game may be responsible for the suicide of a young girl. The “Momo Game” is being investigated by authorities to see if it was connected to a 12-year-old girl committing suicide.

Police have verified that the young girl hung herself in her parent’s backyard located in Ingeniero Maschwitz, roughly 30 miles from Buenos Aires, in the Escobar district.

Authorities in the area are now investigating to see if the girl’s death is related to the WhatsApp-based Momo game that appears to have originated from Japan.

It was reported the girl filmed her suicide with her phone. Authorities believe the girl was encouraged to commit suicide via the Momo game. Police are currently investigating an 18-year-old girl that the girl had met online but have not located her at this time.

The game has already raised concern in European countries but if this suicide is determined to be related to the Momo game it will be the first known death. In a statement, police claim to have already hacked the phone to find footage in Whatsapp and any conversations.

The phone has been hacked to find footage and WhatsApp chats, and now the alleged adolescent with whom she exchanged those messages is being sought.

Police believe the girl’s “intention was to upload the video to social media as part of a challenged aimed at crediting the Momo game” for her suicide. The girl’s older brother found her hanging in the backyard with her phone nearby while their mother was gone. The mother returned shortly after finding the young girl was found dead.

In the original game, social media users are dared to message the Momo character on Whatsapp. Momo responds with violent images and begins giving challenges that quickly escalate. If a player does not agree to the challenges, they start receiving threats that include claims of having personal information.

Now authorities are warning social media users to leave any Momo profiles be as they begin to pop up on other social media sites. Momo is represented by a creepy picture of a girl with her face stretched out. However, the image was never created to be linked to something as dark as the Momo game.

It is reported the original artwork is titled “Mother Bird” and at one point was on display at Tokyo’s horror art Vanilla Gallery. Japanese special effects company Link Factory created the sculpture. It is believed Midori Hayashi is the artist behind the sculpture. It should be noted neither Link Factory or Hayashi have any involvement in the Momo game.

The disturbing game is extremely reminiscent of the “Blue Whale Suicide” game, an online suicide game that originated in Russia. Once a player signed up to play the game, they received a curator. For the following 50 days, the curator gives the player a series of tasks to do, which generally include self-harm. For every task completed, proof must be provided to the curator via photograph. After doing the tasks for 50 days, the player is encouraged to commit suicide to “win the game.”

Social media users searched out curators using the hashtags “blue whale,” “sea of whales,” “I’m in the game,” “Wake me at 4:20,” and “F58,” among others. The image that often represented the game was of a whale jumping from the water. The image was chosen out of the symbolism of a whale committing suicide by jumping out of the water. It is unknown how many suicides were connected to the Blue Whale game, but several more high profile ones have been confirmed.



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