Minnesota Supporting Our Law Enforcement “Mnsole” Attempts To Raise Money For Officer Jeronimo Yanez

Minnesota Supporting Our Law Enforcement (Mnsole) tried to raise money for Officer Jeronimo Yanez who shot and killed 32-year-old Philando Castile

  • Yanez shot Castile on July 6 2016 after pulling him over for a brake light being out

  • Castile’s girlfriend Diamond Reynolds showed the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook LIVE

  • Dashcam footage released on Tuesday show what led up to the shooting

  • Mnsole is a nonprofit organization that has been trying to raise money for Yanez despite being removed from multiple crowdfunding sites

On July 6, 2016, in the Twin Cities suburb of Falcon Heights, Officer Jeronimo Yanez pulled over 32-year-old Philando Castile, his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds, and Reynolds’ daughter.

Just moments after the stop related to a brake light being out, Yanez fired seven rounds inside the car, fatally injuring Castile. All across social media, people instantly knew of the shooting, as Reynolds posted the aftermath of the shooting to Facebook LIVE.

Facebook LIVE

In the video, Reynolds explained that Castile was trying to give Yanez his documents after alerting him that he had a gun and a conceal and carry. Yanez can be heard in the video still screaming frantically, “I told him not to reach for it.”

While the Facebook LIVE video was enough to infuriate many, others still questioned what had happened before the shooting. It was not until Tuesday, after Yanez was acquitted on all charges, that the public would see the dashcam footage for the very first time.

The Dashcam Footage

Yanez can be seen walking up to the car, with another officer standing on the passenger side. After asking for Castile’s license and registration, he responds by letting Yanez know he has a gun and a conceal and carry on him.

Yanez is seen undoing his gun holster as he begins repeating “don’t reach for it.” Within seconds Yanez has his gun out and is seen firing seven shots into the car, which also contained a passenger and a small child.

Acquitted Of All Charges

Despite the dashcam video showing a nerve-fueled judgment call from Yanez, the officer was acquitted of all charges just days ago. At best, the video shows a lack of police training, as Castile’s gun was found in his pocket by paramedics, and not where he was reaching.

The acquittal of Yanez sparked rage and protests for days in Minneapolis, but for some, it was seen as a good time to raise money for the officer.


The Facebook Group, Minnesota Supporting Our Law Enforcement (Mnsole) has tried to raise money for Yanez through several crowdfunding sites, but they keep on getting removed.

The group made a post saying “Third time’s the charm right? New fundraiser site that was preapproved thru them. Let’s show our brother in blue that there’s more good in our world than not.” The group was referring to a crowdfunding campaign on the site gladitood.com. The campaign, since yesterday’s post, has also been removed.


On a Google search, we found that the group has also tried to do a campaign on YouCaring, which was also removed. Apparently, those behind Mnsole are not getting the hint after being booted from multiple crowdfunding campaigns.

Jenny Swartout

The nonprofit group Mnsole sat down with ABC5 for an interview. Jenny Swartout, the wife of a police officer, is one of the founders of the nonprofit group, which gives a better idea of how the group could have a “do no wrong” view towards officers.

Swartout said during the interview that their YouCaring campaign had been removed due to complaints, but after working with customer service, it would be active again by Monday at 5:00 pm. Apparently, since then, the campaign has once again been removed.

Mnsole is not the only nonprofit group backing law enforcement following Yanez’s acquittal. A group called Backing the Blue Line has donated almost $8,000 in supplies to law enforcement working protests related to the shooting of Castile. A current YouCaring campaign by the group has raised $3,569 of a $10,000 goal for supplies for officers working protests.



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