Mike Jines And Max ‘Buzz’ Delezenne Receive Backlash Over Charlton McCallum Elephant Hunt Pictures

  • The images began circulating on social media in late January
  • Jines says his company TopGen Energy has felt the backlash from social media
  • The pictures show two dead elephants that Jines claims charged him and Delezenne
  • Social media users pointed out that the elephants appear to be young but Jines claims they are adults

For several weeks, social media users have been outraged over viral pictures of Mike Jines And Max ‘Buzz’ Delezenne standing over two dead elephants, one of which has blood dripping from where it appears to have been shot in the head.

Jines, a partner with TopGen Energy in Georgia, claimed the pictures are not describing what actually happened. He claims the two elephants were shot out of self-defense, despite both men appearing proud of their kill. The pictures comes from a hunt in October 2018 when Jines says the two elephants charged him and Delezenne, leaving them no choice but to shoot.

The two elephants that are shown in the photos were shot in self-defense, in an unprovoked charge and both elephants were fully mature cows, not juveniles.

On January 31, Darrell Eisman posted the image to his Facebook from the hunt. In the description, Eisman included an email for Jines’ company and requested for the picture to go viral and to send an email. That post has been shared over 40,000 times.

Apologies for the disturbing photo.
If you’re really upset by what you see, than make this go viral along with an email letting Mike Jines know what you think.
[email protected]

The image read as follow.

They killed a baby elephant! The hunting company is Charlton McCallum Hunting Safaris. The owner is Buzz Charlton. The professional hunter is Max Delezenne and the trophy hunter is Mike Jines, the owner of TopGen Energy. Share and make them famous on the Internet for being scum of the earth!

Another photo shows Jines standing between both dead elephants. Social media users have pointed out the elephants look very young, but Jines claims they were both adults.

Buzz Charlton, owner of Charlton McCallum Hunting Safaris is well known among the hunting community for his elephant hunts in Zimbabwe over the last few decades. A description of his book “Tall Tales” that sells for $750 on Safari Press, but has yet to receive its first review — claims to be from hunts in Zambezi Valley.

Few people need an introduction to Buzz Charlton, made famous over the last decade with a series of elephant hunting DVDs set in Zimbabwe.  If you haven’t seen them, you should—they have the power to raise the hackles on an 800-pound dead gorilla.  Buzz is also known for shooting crop-raiding Problem Animal Control (PAC) elephants and ornery, cranky tuskless cows in the thick jesse bush of the Zambezi Valley.  This sort of hunting quickly distinguishes the men from the boys—it is definitely not for the faint of heart.   In fact, at a recent safari convention Buzz admitted to us that he was doing less of that type of hunting because he wanted to see his girls grow up.  This does not mean he has stopped going after elephants, but rather he is now concentrating his hunts along the Mozambique border for trophy bull elephants . . . as if that is a tame way to spend one’s professional caree

More pictures of dead elephants are seen in a 2005 hunt report where Charlton was listed as the Professional Hunter responsible for leading a group to kill “5 cow elephant, 1 non-trophy bull elephant, a buffalo bull, a buffalo cow, a baboon and guinea fowl” over an 18 day period. According to the report, Charlton had killed over 350 elephants at the time of that hunt over 13 years ago.

This was a fantastic hunt in all regards. The game desired was seen in large numbers. Buzz is a fabulous hunter who got me very close to the game whenever it could be done relatively safely. Buzz and his crew worked hard and efficientlyand produced results. Ordinarily we ate lunch in the field rather than returning to camp for lunch and a siesta in order to maximize the time spent tracking elephant. Buzz uses 2 sets of trackers so that 2 different herds of elephant can be followed simultaneously. When the 2nd set of trackers finds elephant that they think Buzz and the client should see, they radio Buzz and a rendevous is made. Buzz also uses a driver to pick up the PH and client, as well as the extra trackers, in order to avoid long and unproductive walks back to the Toyota. This also helps to maximize the productive time spent following elephant tracks. Finding either tuskless cow elephant or trophy bull elephant is a numbers game – the more elephant you see, the greater the chance of success. Buzz’ hunting technique produces elephant in large numbers and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in elephant hunting. To date, Buzz has been involved in the taking of more than 350 elephant.

According to Jines, his company felt the backlash after his photo went viral. Following the fallout, Jines said he was trying to make sure social media knew the “actual facts as opposed to the mischaracterization of the information on social media.” Jines claims the elephants were killed in a designated safari area and followed both Zimbabwe and U.S. regulations. Before the picture went viral, Jines posted the following account of the story.

The hunt started with a bang . . . literally. Less than thirty minutes into the first morning of the first day we experienced a double elephant cow charge. This was obviously a first for me but it turns out it was a first for Buzz as well. We saw a group of cows from the road and decided to follow them to see if a tuskless was in the group. We caught them quickly and identified a tuskless… We positioned ourselves to get a good look at the tuskless and concluded that since it was just Day 1 we would pass. An instant later she came in an all out charge. Buzz and I both fired two shots a piece and she went down. Then from behind us a large one-tusked cow charged at full speed. We each fired one shot and she crashed to the ground with her hind legs out behind her…



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