Michael Tate Reed Destroys Another Ten Commandments Monument This Time In Arkansas

Michael Tate Reed destroys another Ten Commandments monument this time at the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock

  • Reed posted to Facebook LIVE as he yelled “Freedom” and drove through the monument

  • The monument had not even been up for 24 hours

  • In 2014 Reed was accused of urinating and then demolishing a Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol

Michael Tate Reed II is making headlines after destroying a Ten Commandments monument located at the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock. If that sounds familiar, that is because Reed did the same thing in 2014 at the Oklahoma State Capitol.


At 4:47 am, Reed went live from his Facebook account in a post that read “Freedom.” The beginning, of the video is too dark to see anything, but seconds in Reed faces his camera towards the monument. The Capitol building can be seen in the background.

Reed can be heard saying, “Oh my goodness. Freedom!” as he drives his vehicle through the monument that had not even been up for 24 hours.

Reed was taken to the hospital and then to jail and faces charges of defacing objects of public respect, trespassing on Capitol grounds and first-degree criminal mischief.

Shortly before the incident, Reed did another Facebook LIVE video titled “Defending our Constitutional Rights #CHECKMATE.” In the video, Reed goes on a bizarre rant about religion and politics and also tries to push the hashtag he created, “#CHECKMATE.”

Reed also explains that his car is paid off, and so he will be starting a Go Fund Me in hopes of getting a replacement. Both videos can be viewed below.

Schizoaffective Disorder

In 2014, Reed made headlines after he was accused of running his vehicle through a Ten Commandments memorial after he admitted to urinating on it. It was reported that Reed also made threatening statements about President Barack Obama after admitting to the destructive act.

Reed was eventually released for the Oklahoma incident due to him since he is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater. Prater made an agreement with Reed for him to continue to receive “treatment, therapy and family support.”

In 2015, Reed gave the world a peek into his schizoaffective disorder in a letter to the Tulsa World. In the letter, Reed writes, “I am so sorry that this all happening (sic) and wished I could take it all back.”

Reed writes that after a dream in August of 2013, Satan was “attacking” him. After that point, Reed claims that “I started to hear my thoughts talk to me in a way I haven’t ever experience (sic), so I once again started to believe what I was seeing and hearing.”

“The voice had told me if I didn’t stop the cars, people would die. The voice told me the cars were all carrying meat that was infected with the spirit of Michael Jackson and it was a killer virus,” Reed wrote.

Social Media

Reed’s behavior on social media had been a bit off before the incident in Arkansas. Two hours before his Facebook LIVE video, Reed posted a status saying, “Damn Michael back at it again with the white plans #CHECKMATE.” A phrase he also used in his live video before demolishing the monument.

An hour prior to that he posted.

A few hours prior to that he posted.

The Light Show

On Tuesday, Reed posted several times about his “light show.” In one of the Facebook LIVE videos, Reed claims to be the claims to be the “First Rider of the Apocalypse,” and the “Last Rider on the White Horse.” Below are reed’s posts from Tuesday.



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