Michael Hodge Wrongfully Accused Of Mocking Native Elder Nathan Phillips

Social media users have wrongfully identified Michael Hodge as the student mocking Native elder Nathan Phillips at the Indigenous Peoples Day March in Washington DC on Friday

  • Students from Covington Catholic High School were seen in several videos chanting build the wall as Phillips sang and played his drum

  • Hodge was mistaken for a student who stood smirking in Phillips’ face as he played and sang

  • Social media users found an image of Hodge on the school’s Facebook before it was deleted

Following colossal backlash after a group of students from Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills, Kentucky, were seen on video mocking Native American elder Nathan Phillips at the Indigenous Peoples Day March in Washington DC on Friday, Michael Hodge has wrongfully caught the blame for one student seen in multiple viral videos.

In the videos, a student is seen smirking and standing in Phillips’ face as he plays his drum and continues to sing. Students are heard in the background laughing and chanting “build the wall” as the unidentified student continues to smirk in Phillips’ face.

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Social media users found a post on the Covington Catholic High School Facebook page before it was deleted showing a senior named Michael Hodge in a kitchen. Hodge apparently has dreams of becoming a chef and attending Cincinnati State, according to the post.

Senior Michael Hodge and his passion for cooking and baking is featured in his local publications (see link below). “Life in the Hills & Springs” on page 8. Michael plans on attending the Culinary Arts Program at Cincinnati State next year. Keep up the great work Michael!

While Hodge does look similar to the student social media users are hunting for, upon closer inspection it becomes clear it is not the same student. The student in Phillips’ face has clear problems with his teeth, where Hodge does not. It also appears the two students have different eye color and other facial features.

Despite the difference in the two students, social media is taking Hodge’s name and running with it. Unfortunately, this kind of misidentification is something that happens often in these pursuits of swift Internet justice. I even believed Hodge to be the student upon first glance of the image, but after comparing the two, it is clear social media users are pursuing the wrong student.

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