Mayoral Candidate Kevin Saunders’ Racist Rant Against Black Comedian

Marina California mayoral candidate Kevin Saunders displayed racist behavior towards black comedian Ngaio Bealum

  • On Tuesday Bealum posted a screenshot of a message from Saunders calling him a nigger and threatening him

  • In 2016 Saunders wrote an anti-Semitic rant against a reporter from Monterey County Weekly

  • In 2014 Saunders was banned from Starbucks stores worldwide for life

  • Saunders has a history of restraining orders and other violations

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to include a post from Saunders that was deleted from his Facebook that included more derogatory slurs towards Bealum. 

Cannabis advocate and mayoral candidate for Marina, California Kevin Saunders was outed for his derogatory and racist comments to black comedian Ngaio Bealum in a Facebook messenger chat.

Bealum posted screenshots of the conversation that are now spreading across social media. In his post, Bealum explained that he had messaged Saunders after the mayoral candidate had been talking about him on his Facebook. Bealum states he did not know Saunders before the racially charged exchange.

This is Kevin P Saunders. He claims to be a cannabis activist. He lives in Marina CA Kevin and I are not friends, but we have a lot of “friends” in common. This is the message he sent me last night after i asked him not to talk about me. I would suggest that people give him a wide berth. Its funny(not funny) how many racists are in the cannabis movement.

In the post, Saunders refers to Bealum as a negro, then follows with a threat. Towards the end of the conversation, he calls Bealum a “punk ass nigger”.

Do you know who the fuck you are talking to negro?

Just watch my posts u sellmoit mf . I will split your black ass in half you fucking corny asshole

You aren’t in the same leaugue as me punk ass nigger

I’ll be seeing you at your shows .

In a post that Saunders apparently deleted, he called Bealum a “fraudster fake asshole” and a “house negro”. Saunders then went on to claims, “I’m blacker than this homeboy”.

On Saunders personal Facebook account, social media users have been littering his posts with screenshots from the conversation. Saunders has yet to respond.

In 2016, KSBW 8 ran a story after Saunders wrote an anti-Semitic rant against Monterey County Weekly reporter and editor Sara Rubin. In his rant, Saunders claimed Rubin only held her position because she was a “Zionist”. Saunders also wrote, “Send this shill back to Jersey or Haaretz” and “These J’s will do just about anything to stop me. Free Palestine!”

Saunders is plagued with a past of failed attempts to run for mayor and legal issues. In 2014, Saunders was sentenced to a month in jail and counseling after he pleaded no contest to one count each of violating a restraining order, making harassing phone calls and violation elections code.

The harassing phone calls were placed towards a Starbucks store manager after the coffee shop banned Saunders from all stores worldwide for life. The restraining order violation stems from threatening emails Saunders sent following being expelled from Monterey College of Law. Saunders election code violation was for filing his candidacy at a different address than where he is registered to vote.

Saunders was sentenced to 30 days in jail — on top of 52 days he had yet to serve from a previous case of violating his probation — three years probation, 10 hours of mental health counseling and forbidden from posting comments on social media about all parties protected by the restraining order.

In 2013, Saunders — while under the name of the Coasterdam Cannabis Collective — had several cannabis grows raided. Saunders was charged with three counts of violating Health & Safety Code section 11360(a), sale of marijuana. The charge of selling about $300 worth of cannabis to an undercover officer were later dropped in 2016.

Last year, Saunders made news when he announced that he wanted to decriminalize mushrooms. Saunders, along with his fiancée Kitty Merchant filed a ballot initiative that would decriminalize mushrooms for those over 21 years of age. During an interview with VICE, Saunders said that decriminalizing mushrooms had nothing to do with his campaign which is focusing on “rent control, medical marijuana dispensaries, and downtown revitalization”.



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