Mayor Beverly Whaling and County Director Pamela Taylor make racial slurs towards Michelle Obama

Clay County, West Virginia officials under fire after calling Michelle Obama an “ape” on social media

  • The viral post was made Pamela Ramsey Taylor

  • Mayor Beverly Whaling than supported the racially charged status in the comments

  • The viral post has resulted in both women receiving threats and people demanding they are fired

It is amazing how many people still have yet to realize the power of social media, especially those that hold influential positions in their communities. Two Clay County officials are now feeling the wrath of the Internet after racially charged statements towards Michelle Obama have gone viral.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor works, or worked, as the director of the Clay County Development Corporation in Clay County, West Virginia. Taylor, during a moment of unknowingly brilliant self-destructive glory, thought it would be wise to make a post about the First Lady, where she referred to her as an “ape.”

It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing an ape in heels.

What seemed like an idea that could not get any worse quickly did when Clay County Mayor Beverly Whaling commented on the status. In such a sensitive time for our country, you would think a mayor would have the sense to tell Taylor to remove the post, but that is just not how Mayor Whaling rolls.

Enter Mayor Whaling

Now I should mention that it is unknown if Whaling decided this would be the best way to commit political suicide. What is known is her response to Taylor’s racial post, which read, “Just made my day Pam.”

While not 100% sure on what would have been the best response in this situation, I am 99% sure that was far from it.

Now both women are caught in the middle of a viral, public relations nightmare. Due to the viral post, Sheriff Garrett Samples has said the women have had threats made against them, and other county employees.

The threats have been reported, but no official reports have been filed with Samples department at this time. Every deputy in the county is said to be aware of the situation, however.

Taylor deleted her post and replaced it with an apology, but it appears her account has been deleted at this time. Petitions have been started to have both women fired from their positions. Taylor told WSAZ that she was reprimanded at her job and was unsure if she would be allowed to keep her position.

Hate Crime

Taylor has also taken a rather odd stance, as she claims to be working with an attorney to file a lawsuit against individuals responsible for slandering her.

While Taylor apologizes for the post, she also claims that the situation has turned into a “hate crime” against her. A response that will most likely only make the situation worse.

As of now, Mayor Whaling has not yet issued a comment on the situation.



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