Man Drives Vehicle Through Convict Jason Stockley Protest In Kirkwood Missouri

Man drives through group of protesters at a convict Jason Stockley protest in Kirkwood, Missouri

  • Journalist Jon Ziegler caught a man in a white Denali charge at a group of protesters in Kirkwood, Missouri

  • The man spoke with the protesters for roughly ten minutes before charging his car at the group

  • Jason Stockley verdict could be released as early as Friday

On Wednesday night, a group of protesters demanding Jason Stockley be convicted for First-Degree Murder organized in Kirkwood, Missouri. During the protest, an incident occurred that was terrifyingly similar to an act of domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia that injured 19 and claimed the life of Heather Heyer.

Journalist Jon Ziegler from RebZ.TV caught the moment that a man in a white Denali charged his vehicle towards the protest and barely missed several people.

Video Of The Incident

In a shorter video of the attack, the man can be seen charging the group in his Denali as he blasts his horn. As he goes through the crowd, people dive out of the way, and an object appears to be tossed at the windshield, causing the man to stop the vehicle.

As the vehicle is stopped, three people surround it as one yells, “Get the fuck out of the car you piece of shit,” before hitting the vehicle with a blunt object. The man then speeds away.

Don’t You Have Faith In The Judicial System

In a longer version of the video, the man is stopped and debating with protesters for roughly ten minutes. At 17:33 seconds into the video, the man who charged the crowd is approached by Ziegler after he notices other livestreamers already talking with the man.

During the conversation, the man asks if the protesters have any faith in the judicial system to make the right decision? Obviously, St Louis has no trust in the judicial system, especially when looking for justice in a police shooting. The city has excused an alarming amount of police shootings, despite an abundance of evidence showing guilt.

The Verdict

The high-profile Stockley murder trial verdict is expected to come down as soon as Friday after weeks of waiting. As the people of St Louis have waited for the judge’s verdict, the city has been preparing the city to respond to major civil disobedience. Barricades have gone up around government buildings, and Governor Eric Greitens has announced that the National Guard is ready to put boots on the ground.

The evidence against Stockley for the December 2011, shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith is overwhelming. If Stockley is found not guilty, this will be one of the biggest slaps in the face that the St Louis judicial system has ever dealt to the African-American community.



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