Three Arrested During Wells Fargo Lockdown In Duluth

Three Water Protectors from the Makwa Initiative were arrested on Friday during a lockdown at a Wells Fargo in Duluth, Minnesota

  • Ernesto Burbank, Scott Bol, and Michael Niemi locked themselves down inside the Wells Fargo

  • Burbank broadcasted the entire demonstration on Facebook LIVE

  • The Makwa Initiative Frontline Resistance camp stands in opposition to Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Program

Three arrests were made in a Well’s Fargo in Duluth, Minnesota during a lockdown in protest of Enbridge’s “Line 3 Replacement Program.” Consisting of 1,031 miles of 36-inch diameter pipeline, the Line 3 Replacement Program stretches from Hardisty, Alberta to Superior, and Wisconsin.

Enbridge plans to install a new Line 3 pipeline, but leave the current decrepit pipeline rotting in the ground. By claiming the replacement program is maintenance on the already existing Line 3, Enbridge managed to duck many of the federal processes a new pipeline would have to endure.

A group of Water Protectors, some from Standing Rock, have formed a small resistance camp against the Line 3 Replacement Program. The Makwa Initiative Frontline Resistance camp has been monitoring Enbridge’s actions and taking part in public demonstrations and lockdowns at construction sites.

On Friday, Ernesto Burbank, Scott Bol, and Michael Niemi were arrested at a Well’s Fargo in Duluth during a lockdown. Burbank and Niemi locked themselves together and chained themselves to a pole at the entrance of the bank. Bol was locked to metal fencing at the bank with a bicycle lock. The demonstration is part of an ongoing push for big banks to divest from companies such as Enbridge.

The entire demonstration was broadcasted on Facebook LIVE through Burbank’s account and the Makwa Initiative – Line 3 Frontline Resistance page. Burbank became a reliable livestreamer during months of protest in North Dakota against Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline.

Posts from the Makwa Initiative after the arrests read as follow.

3 Water Protectors Locked Down
NVDA Wells Fargo Duluth MN
#NoLine3 #MMIW

Donate to their legal fund:

Ernesto Burbank, Michael Niemi, and Scott Bol are being released on there own recognizance but won’t let them out until midnight, support our water protectors and call St. Louis County jail ask “what grounds their being held on” and let them know we want them out now.

St. Louis County Jail





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