Makwa Initiative: How You Can Help The Line 3 Frontline Resistance

The Makwa Initiative has become the frontline resistance camp against Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Program

  • Enbridge plans to replace the Line 3 Pipeline and abandon the current pipe where it lays

  • The Makwa Camp was formed in August as a sign of resistance against the Line 3 project

  • Two member’s of the camp were arrested on Wednesday during a lockdown

Almost a year after the camp resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline came to a bitter end, a new camp is now taking a stand against Enbridge’s “Line 3 Replacement Program.”

According to Enbridge, the multi-billion dollar project is the largest the company has ever done. The Line 3 Replacement Program stretches from Hardisty, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin, and consists of 1,031 miles of 36-inch diameter pipeline.

The $2.9 billion American portion of the Line 3 Replacement Program runs from Neche, North Dakota, through Minnesota, to Superior, Wisconsin.

Line 3 Replacement Program

Even though the program is referred to as the Line 3 Replacement Program, there is nothing that is being replaced. Instead, Enbridge plans on putting in an entirely new pipeline, while leaving the decrepit old pipe in the ground to rot.

By claiming the project as a maintenance project on an existing pipeline, Enbridge managed to dodge the same federal process a new pipeline would have to endure, which is a blessing and a curse. This keeps the ability to stop Line 3 at a state level for the time being.

The idea that Enbridge wants to create a new mess before cleaning up their last mess has environmental groups across the country extremely concerned.

Makwa Initiative

A camp has been established in Minnesota to stand against the Line 3 project. The Makwa Initiative is a smaller camp that has existed since at least August. The group has halted construction multiple times by conducting “lockdowns” on construction equipment.

The first arrests to happen during the Line 3 project occurred on August 30, after 6 people were arrested at a pipeline construction site near Superior in northwestern Wisconsin. Enbridge says these protests interrupt construction and they cannot “continue to tolerate trespassing, vandalism or unlawful actions that put people or the environment at risk.”

The most recent arrests occurred on Wednesday. A video posted to the Makwa Initiative – Line 3 Frontline Resistance Facebook page had the caption “Still stopping construction over here at Line 3.” Shortly after, the Makwa Camp made another post with a link to their legal fund. The post stated the two involved in Wednesday’s lockdown had been arrested.

Wednesday’s Arrests

Two members of the Makwa Camp conducted a lockdown inside a pipe that interrupted construction. It is said in the video on their Facebook page that they later moved to some construction equipment to continue the lockdown. Police and Enbridge workers were said to be working together to try and get the individuals to leave.


2 Water Protectors Douglas County Jail in Superior, WI
Please donate to our legal fund to help us get enough money to bail them out!

Preparing For Winter

Arrests are not the only hardships the small camp is facing. Winter is already at their doorstep with temperatures dropping into the low teens at night. Necessities such as food and warm clothing are not as readily available as they were at the much larger resistance located in Standing Rock.

The winter will be the camp’s biggest nemesis for the next several months, but those staying at the camp do not feel discouraged. Instead, they continue to build their camp and prepare for the winter.

The Magwa Camp has put together an Amazon Wish List for supporters to be sure their money is going towards supplies. There is also a mailing address where you can send supplies. If you are unsure what to donate, there is a You Caring campaign started as well where you can make financial donations. Links to everything about the Makwa Camp can be found listed below.

Click Here To Foolow The Makwa Initiative – Line 3 Frontline Resistance Facebook Page!

Click Here To See Out The Makwa Camp Supply List!

Click Here To Donate To The Makwa Camp Amazon Wish List!

Click Here To Donate To The Makwa Camp You Caring Campaign!

Supplies can also be mailed to: 

Makwa Initiative
3868 Brevator Rd
Cloquet MN 55720



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