How To Make “Fleshlight” Video Tutorials Are A Real Thing

How to make a fleshlight tutorial videos are a thing on YouTube and some of them are pretty cringeworthy

  • Fleshlights are a sex toy commonly used by males for masturbation

  • Google trends show the word fleshlight has held a steady search history since 2009

  • Fleshlight tutorial videos have received millions of views across YouTube

YouTube has become a helpful place to find a video tutorial to learn just about anything. From computer programming to learning a foreign language, there is a tutorial video that exists. With over a billion videos on YouTube, it should come as no surprise that some of these tutorials are a bit on the cringeworthy side.

Over in the “weird part of YouTube” you can find tutorials to make your very own “fleshlight” right in the comfort of your home with everyday objects. For those that do not know what a fleshlight is, it is a sex toy commonly used by men. The definition of a fleshlight according to Urban Dictionary reads as follows.

The top selling male masturbation tool. it consists of an outside case which is shaped like a large flashlight, and an inner insert which comes in a variety of colors, orifices, and internal textures & ribbing styles.

While I was shopping for my girlfriend at Toys in Babeland, one of the workers there suggested I buy the Fleshlight for myself.

According to Google Trends, searches for the word “fleshlight” predates 2004, but it not start hitting its peak until February of 2009. Since then, searches for fleshlight have been pretty steady for the last 14 years. You can even order fleshlights on Amazon. Luckily it appears you cannot order them used.

It is apparent why tutorials would exist for making fleshlights. As the world continues to become more open about sexuality, masturbation is also becoming a less taboo subject. The number of views that homemade fleshlight tutorials have received shows there is an interest in the topic.

While most of the people in the tutorials clearly mean well, there are a plethora of uploads that are just downright creepy. A perfect example is a video titled Easy Homemade X toy for men. Feels like REAL B.J. AMAZING. The video was uploaded on February 1, 2017, by the YouTube channel “Maël Davos.”

There is no sound in the video —which probably adds to the creepiness — as the person behind the camera creates a Frankenstein fleshlight out of a used toilet paper roll, a condom, and the handle of his toothbrush. The 2:54 video is the only thing that has been uploaded to the channel.

The video how to make the best homemade sex toy EVER uploaded by “torscrew” on June 17, 2011 has received 7,941,854 views with 6,800 thumbs up. The video has no sound as the person behind the camera releases his inner MacGyver with towels, socks, rubber gloves, and belts.

In another video, YouTuber “Matt Kansas” uploaded a video titled “HOMEMADE POCKET PUSSY & MAN CUNT” February 8, 2009. The video has received 1,204,096 views.

In the video, Kansas claims you can create a fleshlight out of a banana and some duct tape. It is hard to tell if the YouTuber is serious in the video or just trolling, but with over a million views it is a safe bet that at least a few people have tried to recreate his creation.

While there are countless tutorial videos on the topic, maybe you just are not a do it yourself person. In that case the YouTube channel “fifi” — which coincidentally is a slang term for a fleshlight — has you covered.. In the video description, you can order your own fifi from the company’s website

How about a Fleshlight for less, AND without the mess! The Fifi is a pocket pussy style artificial vagina for men but without the messy cleanup.

Unlike most male sex toys like Fleshlite and Tenga, this masturbator is so discreet, it doesn’t even look like a sex toy. You can leave it hanging around and nobody will know. Its design enables you to travel with it so you can masturbate anywhere, any time!

1. Roll up the Fifi with one of its disposable latex sleeves and fasten with the velcro strip.
2. Apply lube.
3. Get masturbating!
4. When done, just throw away the sleeve. No messy cleanup!

The Fifi masturbator comes with 5 sleeves and 5 packs of lube. You can order more from



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