Lynn Lew Claims Drinking Dog Urine Cleared Her Acne

In a viral video on Facebook Lynn Lew claims drinking dog urine cleared her acne

  • Lew also claims drinking dog urine can cure cancer

  • In 2015 Lew went viral for making a video titled 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex with Dogs

  • Lew was arrested for making pornographic videos in public with her boyfriend Erio S. Oliver

  • Lew was arrested in Florida in December and extradited back to Eau Claire

  • This month a jury found Lew guilty and she is set to be sentenced on June 25

  • Oliver had 14 additional charges of child pornography filed against him in December 2017

In a viral video on Facebook from a user named “Lynn Lew”, the girl claims drinking dog urine is the key to “cure cancer, alleviate pain, and prevent the swelling of joins.”

The video was posted to Lew’s fan page—which currently holds just over 6,000 followers—on May 8 and has been viewed over 90,000 times. The caption with the video reads as follows.

The pharmaceutical companies are keeping this secret out of the public eye. They pay lobbyist to get politicians to make you buy expensive pain medicine and chemo.

This is the secret to cure cancer, alleviate pain, and prevent the swelling of joins. If you dont have your own dog, just steal one from a neighbor.

In the video, Lew says many people have asked how she looks so good. “Here’s my secret” Lew says before using an empty plastic cup to collect her dog’s urine. Once the dog is finished, Lew drinks the entire cup of dog urine.

“Until I first drank my dog’s pee,” Lew says, “I was depressed, I was sad and I had really bad acne. Dog pee also has vitamin A in it, it has vitamin E in it and it has 10 grams of calcium and it’s also proven to cure cancer.” Lew then tries to get one last drop out of the glass before saying, “And that is why I look so much better than y’all.” 

As it turns out, this is not Lynn’s first time receiving viral attention for her disturbing relationships with man’s best friend. In 2015, Amy Lynn Lew, 21, went viral for her video titled, “10 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex with Dogs.”

Lew posted the video under the alias ‘Whitney Wisconsin’, an account that was later removed from YouTube.

In other videos, Lew is said to have performed sexual acts with her dog and uploaded it to a video sharing platform that no longer exists.

In a video uploaded to LiveLeak, Lew is seen masturbating in public restrooms in at least two different businesses in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Lew then goes into the businesses and asks customers to smell her perfume, which she is holding in the hand she just masturbated with.

In 2016, Lew was arrested with her boyfriend, 29-year-old Erio S. Oliver for making pornographic videos inside Eau Claire businesses.

According to the criminal complaint, unknowing men who were asked to smell her fingers in the video came from Eau Claire, Chippewa and Rusk counties. The videos in question were made in March and April of 2015.

In the second video, Lew is masturbating in Eau Claire businesses as other shoppers unknowingly go about their business. A third video shows the couple ordering a pizza delivery from Domino’s Pizza. When the delivery person arrived, Lew was masturbating with a banana.

Lew missed her original court date and was later extradited from Florida back to Eau Claire. Following a two-day jury trial, Lew was found guilty on June 14 of this year. Lew is set to be sentenced on June 25.

During the investigation, Lew told police that she and Oliver would take requests from fans who would pay for custom pornographic videos. Lew claimed her and Oliver were engaged and the videos were her idea.

During the investigation of the pornographic videos, police discovered child pornography in Oliver’s possession. Oliver—originally from Bonifay, Florida—had at least at least 246 child pornography images and nine child pornography videos on his laptop that was seized during the investigation into his and Lew’s videos.

In December of 2017, 14 additional charges of possession of child pornography were filed against Oliver.

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