Was Lucas Hernandez Kidnapped From His Home In Wichita Kansas

Was 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez kidnapped on February 17 from his home in Wichita, Kansas

  • Jamie Orr’s ex-boyfriend claims she was involved in Lucas’ disappearance

  • Orr’s behavior has raised questions over the last few weeks

  • Since Lucas has been missing Orr asked for $600 million on Go Fund Me

  • Orr has been searching for Xanax while in Wichita looking for Lucas

  • As of Friday Orr deleted her Facebook account and Go Fund Me campaign

It has been over three weeks since 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez went missing from his home in Wichita, Kansas. There have been little to no answers on what possibly happened to Lucas from the family or law enforcement at this time.

Following the story is anything but simple at this point. Since Lucas went missing on February 17, the search has become riddled with rumors, vigilantes, and even psychics. As more information comes out it becomes more evident that all of the adults in Lucas’ life failed him.

Lucas lived in Wichita with his father Johnathan Hernandez, his live-in girlfriend Emily Glass, and his 1-year-old sister. It was reported that Lucas was in the care of Glass when he went missing.

Glass claims the last time she saw Lucas was around 3:00 pm on February 17. It was reported that Glass said she took a shower then fell asleep, but when she woke up, Lucas was missing. Lucas was reported missing at 6:15 pm.

No arrests have been made over Lucas’ disappearance. Glass is currently in jail on a child endangerment charge that occurred the day before Lucas’ disappearance. The Wichita Police Department learned of the child endangerment during their investigation into Lucas on February 21.

According to police reports, Glass was charged with child endangerment for an incident that occurred between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm on February 16. Glass was initially charged with two counts of child endangerment, one charge in regards to Lucas, and the other for his 1-year-old sister. The child endangerment charge connected to Lucas was later dropped.

It was discovered that Lucas lived in a very volatile house. Hernandez and Glass had multiple calls of domestic violence to two different addresses over the years. Family members believed Lucas was being  abused by Hernandez and Glass. It was reported they made multiple welfare calls to the Kansas Department for Children and Families with no response.

Despite past issues with law enforcement and violence, no arrest has been made in regards to the disappearance of 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez. Due to Glass being the last person to see Lucas, many have already deemed her as the person responsible. People have taken to the street, and social media to demand Glass give Lucas’ location. Glass denies knowing the boy’s location and remains in jail on a $50,000 bond for one charge of child endangerment.

While it would appear Glass is guilty of child endangerment, many have rushed to accuse her of Lucas’ murder. The Daily Haze is now running an investigative series into the Lucas Hernandez. Instead of beginning with Glass, we were immediately drawn to the biological mother, Jamie Orr who has raised some concern over her questionable behavior. However, it was not Orr’s questionable behavior that first drew our attention; it was a story being told on social media by Robert Cook.

Robert Cook

Orr is currently separated but married to David Orr. According to David’s Facebook, according to his Facebook account he resides in Colorado Springs, although sources close to the family informed TDH that he is currently in prison. The couple had one child together, but the child lives with family.

Orr allegedly met Cook through David. We were told that after David went to prison, Orr and Cook began a romantic relationship. One of David’s two Facebook accounts still shows that he and Cook were at least friends through social media at some point.

While neither person seems to want to claim their short-lived romance, it did not take long to see the two have a past. Below is a picture of Orr, Cook, and Lucas in Wichita on November 12, 2017 from Orr’s Facebook page.

In the comment section of another post, Orr says her and Rob broke up. The comment reads, “Rob and I broke up. I’m forced to live with him though, he trapped me. Tonight he decided it’s not gonna be an issue to invite over some random…? I’ll be honest, I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. Like wtf…”

Cook claimed that Orr stayed with him for roughly two months. In the conversation, Cook claims Orr “squatted” at his residence in Kansas City until the morning of February 15. Two days before Lucas was reported missing.

Cook claimed he had left the property due to Orr’s erratic behavior and the people she was bringing over. Allegedly police were not able to get Orr to leave Cook’s residence, so instead he left.

In a text message exchange between Cook and his landlord on February 15 he stated he would not come back until Orr was gone. The landlord responded by stating Orr had left that morning and sold her furniture.

In a message exchange between Cook, and an anonymous source he goes into detail about living with Orr. Cook claims on Superbowl Sunday he was confined to his room with a wooden brace on his door because he feared one of Orr’s friends was going to try and kick in his door. Cook also claims Orr was “talking crazy.”

A Planned Kidnapping

As the search for Lucas continues, more people are turning to Facebook groups for information. These groups are created for people to put together search teams, share theories, and create a log of relevant information on the case.

It was in one of these groups that Cook told a dark story that Orr had planned to kidnap Lucas for months, and at one point even asked him if he would do it. Cook’s narrative allegedly transpired while living with Orr in Kansas City, Missouri.

In private messages with Cook, he went into more detail of what he allegedly knew, and had put together in regards to Lucas’ disappearance.

In the conversation, Cook says he believes that Lucas is still alive, and possibly with Orr’s distant family. He claims that Orr knew Glass’ drug dealer, and he possibly “tipped Jamie off when Emily was real high.” Cook reiterates his statement by later saying, “junkies nod out.”

Cook claims that he does not believe Orr took Lucas, but that she knows who did. Cook also states that while Orr’s mother Robin had nothing to do with the kidnapping, she may have “unintentionally funded” the crime. He goes on to say that he believes Johnathan is in on it but has no evidence to back the claim.

Cook states that Orr has severe control issues and is very narcissistic. “She will do anything it takes to get whatever plan she has to happen,” he wrote.


While these are only accusations coming from an ex-boyfriend, we believe it is important to note how many things Cook knows about Orr that turned out to be correct.

Glass, Hernandez, and Orr are all three guilty of hard drug use. The three primary drugs involved in the situation are said to be prescription pills, meth, and heroin.

In a comment section, Cook claims that Orr used to be on meth “all the time,” stating that is “how she dropped the baby weight.” Cook also states that Orr’s drug of choice is prescription pills, specifically Xanax, but also Percocet if she is feeling a little “frisky.”

TDH received text messages between Orr and an anonymous source after Lucas went missing. In the text’s, Orr claims to be mad at Jonathan and is asking about getting Xanax. The texts validate Cook’s claim that Orr does take Xanax without a prescription. This also shows Orr was concerned with getting more Xanax while searching for Lucas.

Jonathan Or Lucas

Cook states that he believes Orr and Hernandez had a plan to “elope.” In one text from Orr, she does state she is upset with Hernandez because he is supposed to be her “support.”

In a text exchange between Hernandez and Orr, he asks her to remove his name from the Go Fund Me she created. Orr claims she does not control it, despite it being set up in her name.

Apparently, Hernandez learned that Orr had plans to leave Wichita. In a series of texts, he asks, “Thought you weren’t leaving until Lucas is found?”

Orr’s response seems more focused on Hernandez than it did on Lucas. “I’m sorry I kind of got the impression you wanted me to get the fuck out of here ASAP?”

Hernandez asks, “What do I have to do with anything. You said u weren’t leaving, had nothing to do with me.”

Once again, Orr’s response is focused on Hernandez not wanting contact with her, instead of her missing child. “Well actually it did because you’re his father as well but so I’m just taking is you want completely no contact with me so I’m going to run with that.”

Orr sends two more texts to Hernandez over the next two hours but does not receive a response.

$600 Million

In private messages, Cook stated he believed that Orr’s plan allegedly was based on gathering money from the disappearance of Lucas. While some would say a parent would never do such a thing, there was more than one attempt by Orr to make money soon after Lucas was reported missing.

Orr created a Go Fund Me, which quickly became very questionable. Originally the campaign, titled “Until Lucas is found,” had a set goal of $5,000 to help Orr with bills, despite her not having a residence in her name and recently moving out of Cook’s residence.

After the Go Fund Me was created, a disturbing comment began being passed around social media. In the comment, Orr stated, “And honestly I don’t care if you think it’s wrong. I’ve had a million people ask what they could do to help. I didn’t know. But I know what both Jonathan and I are stressing on more than Lucas is money. Bills are piling up. Go read it.”

Many were shocked when Lucas’ mother stated that she and Jonathan were more stressed about money than they were Lucas. At this time of the comment, Lucas had been missing for roughly a week. Many were confused how bills managed to pile up in such a short amount of time.

Orr raised more suspicion when she increased the Go Fund Me campaign’s goal to $600 million, an amount that is far beyond the definition of reasonable. The defense in the description was “There is no real actual dollar amount we’re requesting.”

February 14-17

Many have wondered Orr’s whereabouts in the days leading up to the day Lucas was reported missing. On February 15, Orr left Cook’s residence.

According to Orr’s Facebook account, on February 14 she was in Kansas City, Missouri, which would match Cook’s claim of her staying until the 15. On February 15, Orr’s Facebook put her in Carthage, Missouri. At 11:52 am, on February 16, Orr made a post from Woodall, Oklahoma, where she remained through February 17. Orr was never more than four hours away from Wichita when Lucas went missing.

Questionable Behavior

Since Lucas went missing, people have begun questioning Orr’s behavior over the weeks. On Thursday, Orr’s behavior reached a new level of concern.

Many were shocked when Orr posted a picture of a tattoo she got that read, “Lucas Allen, miss you always.” People were shocked for several reasons.

Some were reminded of the Casey Anthony story when she got her tattoo. Others were angry that she would spend money on a tattoo when she had created a Go Fund Me to help pay her bills. Some asked if she knew something others didn’t.

A friend later stated that she is the one who got her the tattoo. However, she did not make it clear if she was the artist or if she just paid for it. The tattoo sounds slightly morbid for a mother with a missing child, but Orr claims it is a saying that she and Lucas would say to each other. Orr also changed the main picture on the Go Fund Me campaign from a Lucas to her new tattoo.

It was quickly noticed that Orr changed the campaign’s $600 million goal to $20,000 without any reason. Orr added some ominous words to the description. Orr states that she is ready for God to take Lucas in and then writes an odd message about Hernandez and Glass.

I know daddy loves you just as much, but daddy needs a bit more time to realize who that monster really is that he left you with.



Jamie Greenfield

On Thursday Orr also changed her name on Facebook from “Jamie Orr (Jamie Taylor),” to, “Jamie Orr (Jamie Greenfield).” TDH was later sent text messages between Orr and the owner of the house where she was staying.

The owner texted Orr asking why she put the street name as her name. Apparently, the one condition for her staying at the house was that she could not make it public.

Oddly enough, at first Orr responded, “It’s that Dustie girl.” The owner asked if it was her Facebook, to which Orr asked if she should pack her things and go. Orr than claims it is her ex-boyfriend’s last name, but quickly changes her story again and says it is her last name.

Orr then claimed she was tired of hearing the name Orr, even though she did not change her main name on her account. She then stated Facebook would not let her change it.



By Friday afternoon, Orr had deleted her Facebook account and the Go Fund Me account. A source informed TDH that Orr was planning to leave Wichita by Monday, but we were unable to confirm the claim.

Does Robert’s story along with Orr’s strange behavior necessarily mean she is responsible for Lucas going missing? Of course not. It does raise suspicion though, especially disappearing from social media after raising over $1,000 from the public.

It is hard to deny that Orr has used this child’s tragic disappearance for financial gain on more than one occasion. Aside from the Go Fund Me, Orr also was responsible for selling t-shirts, which were never received, and hair bows that were received.

Cook’s claims are not something that should be ignored. It is clear that Cook knows Orr on an intimate level. With some of the information Cook knows about Orr, it is irresponsible to dismiss his claims while there are no answers in the disappearance of 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez.




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