A look at the “Clinton Kill List,” also known as the Clinton Body Count.

For years the Internet has claimed the Clinton’s to have a “Kill List.”

  • The “Clinton Kill List” dates back to the late 80’s.

  • In the past 2-months, five people have turned up dead that were close to Clinton and the DNC.

  • Unfounded claims that there is a connection between the deaths and WikiLeaks email dump.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been a proverbial melting pot of what is wrong with our country. An accurate display that some people in our country answer to nobody. Among the many claims against Hilary, there is one that has survived in the underbelly of the Internet for many years. The “Clinton Kill List.”

The Clinton Kill List began after people began to notice a high death rate for those directly associated with, or opposing, the Clintons. Some chalk it up to nothing more than an Internet conspiracy at best. Others believe that the Clinton family have been responsible for the deaths of anyone who could be a liability to them.

The Clinton Kill List, also known as the “Clinton Body Count,” dates back to the late 80’s. While a significant portion of the list we can easily debunk as coincidences, some of the most recent deaths do raise some concern. In the past two months, six people connected to Hillary, or the DNC, have been killed.

The unsolved murder of Seth Conrad Rich.

Seth Conrad Rich was a 27-year-old who worked on voting issues for the Seth Conrad Rich Hillary Kill ListDemocratic National Committee. Rich’s murder was described to look like a robbery gone wrong. The only problem is that nothing was taken from Rich.

When found, his hands and face were covered in bruises, and he had been shot twice in the back. Rich was on the phone with his girlfriend when the attack began. He had told her not to worry about it. The attack happened in his Washington DC neighborhood as he was walking home. A neighbor said he heard two gunshots ring out at 4:19 am on July 10, 2016.

Rich’s father suspected his son was “killed after resisting a robbery in which the assailant got nothing.” Police initially said there was no reason to assume robbery was the motivation, but they were also not ruling anything out. As of now, Rich’s death remains unsolved.

Since Rich’s death, there has been no shortage of conspiracy theories. Some claim that Rich was involved in giving WikiLeaks the emails they released in their Hillary dump that ended with the resignation of Wasserman Schultz. WikiLeaks is denying the accusation of using Russian hackers to obtain the emails and refuse to release the name of their source.

WikiLeaks denies any involvement with Russian hackers. The site also refuses to release their source. At the same time, WikiLeaks has offered a $20,000 reward to anybody who has information about Rich’s death.

Others claim that Rich may be a DNC whistleblower. While his job title was Director of Voter Expansion, Rich self-described himself as an “experienced and impassioned data analyst” on his LinkedIn. This has led some to believe that Rich was possibly working with the FBI against Hillary to expose a fraudulent campaign.

The untimely death of Joe Montano Jr.

Joe Montano Jr Hillary Kill ListJoe Montano Jr. was the Northern Virginia regional director for Vice Presidential Nominee Sen. Tim Kaine. In July of 2016, Montano Jr. was found dead in his home. The cause of death was a heart attack. Montano Jr.’s parents said that he suffered from hypertension.

Montano Jr.’s death is perhaps the hardest to weave into the kill list conspiracy. Namely due to declaring his cause of death as natural. Still, some say that his close relationship to Kaine may have made him a threat to the Hillary campaign. Others tried to link his death to Rich’s death.

Connecting Montano Jr.’s death the Clinton Body Count lacks convicting evidence, to say the least. Lack of evidence has not stopped people from connecting the 47-year-old’s untimely death to Clinton Body Count.

The murder of Molly Macauley.

Molly Macauley was a 59-year-old senior official at a think-tank in Molly Macauley Hillary Kill ListWashington. Macauley was stabbed to death while walking her dogs in July, which led to outrage on the Internet.

Macauley’s murder was the first to happen in 18-years in Baltimore’s Roland Park neighborhood. Police said that Macauley was stabbed in the neck, and there was no suspect or suspect description given.

The lack of suspect did not stop “Ricky Vaughn” from tweeting out that “a black career criminal” committed the murder. The tweet was retweeted over 2,000 times and caused outrage among many Twitter users.

While Vaughn used the murder to ignite racial tension, others began to attempt to figure how they could link her death to Rich’s murder. There is no evidence as of now connecting the Macauley and Rich’s murder.

The death of John Ashe.

John Ashe Hillary Kill ListPerhaps the most mysterious death to recently make the Clinton Body Count is that of John Ashe. Ashe was formally the President of the United Nations General Assembly. He was found dead at his house on June 22, 2016.

Dobbs Ferry police said that Ashe’s throat was smashed. Police claim that his throat was most likely crushed by a barbell while he was lifting weights.

There is some confusion with an indictment against Ashe that occurred in October of 2015. Ashe was waiting to testify with his co-defendant Ng Lap Seng. Seng was a Chinese real estate developer that was said to have smuggled $4.5 million into the U.S. since 2013. Seng claimed the money was to buy art and casino chips.

Last year, Ashe was arrested for allegedly taking over $3 million in bribes from Chinese businessmen. Over half-a-million allegedly came from Seng.

Seng is identified in a 1998 Senate report as a source who was funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars through Arkansas restaurant owner, Charlie Trie. Trie then funneled the money into the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration. No charges were ever filed against Seng.

The connection between Ashe, Seng, and Trie is what has lead many to believe that this death was not an accident. Little is known about the content of Ashe’s upcoming testimony, but many suspect that it is responsible for his death.

The suicide of Victor Thorn.

On August 1, 2016, author, American Free Press writer, and Hillary Clinton Victor Thorn Hillary Kill Listresearcher Victor Thorn was found dead. It was Thorn’s 54th birthday when they found him on a mountain near his home. He suffered one gunshot wound.

Thorn was born Scott Robert Makufka. Despite claims from friends and fans, Thorn’s brother, Bill Makufka, said he believed his brother did, in fact, kill himself. Fellow reporter Russell Scott argues that Thorn allegedly told him if he was ever found dead it was murder, not suicide.

Bill said that their parents are elderly and going through health problems. Thorn never wanted to experience that. Bill also made a point to make it clear that Thorn was in good health at the time of his death.

Thorn wrote over twenty books, and 30 chapbooks. He wrote for the AFP for over a decade. However, Thorn was best known for his investigating on the Clintons. Thorn wrote the Clinton Trilogy. A series that dove into the history of the couple, their scandals, claims of Bill Clinton sexually assaulting women, and the drug running that spawned from Mena, Arkansas when Clinton was governor.

It is said that Thorn was writing a new book on Clinton that was going to contain incredibly damning evidence against Hillary. What information Thorn reportedly had is unknown and unconfirmed at this time.

The unknown death of Shawn Lucas.

Shawn Lucas Hillary Kill ListOn August 2, 2016, Shawn Lucas was found in a bathroom at home by his girlfriend, Savannah King. Lucas was unconscious when found. While Washington DC police have confirmed Lucas’ death, they have not released a cause. This is adding fuel to the conspiracy fire surrounding his death.

Lucas is most well known for serving the DNC with a lawsuit on video. The lawsuit is filed by a group of Bernie Sanders supporters who claim that Wasserman Schultz rigged the primary for Clinton.

The group of 120 people claim Schultz and the DNC acted in a fraudulent and negligent manner. The group also alleges that the DNC true motivations in the Democratic presidential primary were not properly represented.

When asked if Lucas’ death is being investigated as suspicious, the DCPD refused to comment. It was said DCFD arrived on the scene and found no signs of life.

What created these conspiracy theories?

The Internet has become a breeding ground for conspiracy theories. However, these recent deaths do raise questions. In all, Hillary’s campaign has been a conspiracy theorist’s dream come true. A dream fueled by the reality of WikiLeaks release of Hillary’s emails that show laws and protocols she violated.

The reality that Hillary was caught breaking the law, and appears to have no repercussions coming at this moment is why these conspiracy theories exist. The fact that Hillary clearly held influence over the DNC during the Democratic Party presidential primaries is why these conspiracy theories exist. Benghazi is why these conspiracy theories exist. Our distrust in our government is why these conspiracy theories exist. So why should we be so quick to dismiss these claims?



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