Lindsey Moss And Dallas Baron Charged For Abusing Special Needs Child

Lindsey Moss and Dallas Baron have been charged with child abuse after they filmed themselves physically abusing a 9-year-old with Down Syndrome

  • In one video Moss gets the boy Bricen’s attention then hits him in the head with a five-gallon water jug

  • In the other video Moss is seen forcing Bricen to smoke marijuana

  • Baron recorded both videos which were posted by Bricen’s father Josh Greenhaus

Two disturbing videos show two girls abusing a 9-year-old boy with Down Syndrome. In the videos, the girls both physically abuse him and force him to use marijuana while they laugh in the background.

Lindsey Moss has been identified as the woman who throws an empty five-gallon water bottle that hits Bricen in the head knocking him into the wall behind him. Moss is also seen holding a bong to Bricen’s mouth while instructing him to “suck.”

Her friend Dallas Baron was recording Moss’ horrendous actions as both women are heard laughing in the background.

Josh Greenhaus, Bricen’s father, shared the videos to his Facebook page but Facebook removed the original post. After the original post was removed, Greenhaus’ friend Trinity Grimes posted screenshots of his original post and the videos.

This is not a easy thing for me to do simply because I cant stand to see this but its stuck on replay in my mind over and over! I have thought long and hard about this and have been told not to post this and not to make it go public but I simply can not do it anymore.

I cant sit back and not let this be swept under the rug any longer.
In those 2of5 videos you see a girl/thing (who was pregnant at the time as well) named lindsay moss holding a bong up to my 9yr old (at the time now 10) son bricens face and lighting it for him and telling him to suck.

And in the other video you see him minding his own Business when she calls out his name and throws a 5gal water bottle at him hitting him in the head knockin my pore sons head against the wall.

These videos were both recorded by another girl named Dallas baron.

These 2 girls was the 2 girls we trusted with are kids to babysit while me and there mother was out working these 2 girls was friends of there mother and showed no signs of child abuse or neglect at the time! My oldest son has down syndrome and does not speak clearly so was unable to tell us what’s going on this all took place around the beginning of last summer not exactly sure on the date but got a basic idea of when!

We all want justice for bricen we dont want monsters like these 2 girls out on the streets working in daycares with anyone else’s kids these 2 girls need to be known for what they have done and need not to be around anyone else kids not even there own because if they can do this to a sweet innocent little boy like bricen with a disorder then theres no telling what they will do for fun to someone else kids even there own!

This hasn’t been a easy time in are lives we have been trying to hold it in keep the anger in hiding the tears and all the emotions and for thoes of you that know me on a personal level know that it’s not a easy thing for me to do!
And those of you who know my son bricen all know that hes a very genuinely loving and caring little boy!
Anytime we are hanging out with my friends they are his friends to he runs up and gives them a huge hug.
Nobody is a stranger to this little dude there just friends he has yet to meet!

I’m asking all my friend and family to share the shit out of this and make these bitchs faces be known for what they have done! I’m no longer gona sit back and do nothing!

I want justice for my son bricen!

According to court records, both women are charged with child abuse. Moss is also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Moss’ next court date is scheduled for December 3 and Baron’s is December 14.

Despite the viral attention, Moss currently still has her Facebook account activated, which we can only assume will be deleted withing the next few hours or days following suit of Baron and people facing this level of backlash before.



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