Concrete company owner Leonard Leingang fires gun during Dakota Access march

Leonard Leingang was caught on video pulling a gun on those marching and running over at least one woman’s foot

  • Leingang fired the weapon in the air seven times as he drove away

  • Morton County Sheriff’s Department have given the incident little to no attention

  • Those involved in the march were unarmed

Things are still tense, to say the least, in North Dakota where water protectors still stand against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Four Square Concrete LLC

On Saturday, Leonard Leingang, owner of Four Square Concrete LLC based in Mandan, North Dakota, was caught on camera pulling a gun on a group of who were marching down a dirt road towards a DAPL construction site.

Leingang was apparently on his way home, and those marching just happened to be on a road that the man uses to get home. Once Leingang came in contact with those marching, he immediately became hostile.

Some in the crowd asked Leingang to go around, which he ignored and slowly continued to drive his vehicle into the crowd. Shortly after coming in contact with him, the group of unarmed marchers noticed that Leingang had a gun in hand.

Leingang ran over the foot of at least one person involved in the march

Leingang was said to have ran over at least one woman’s foot, and possibly a second person. The video showed Leingang firing seven shots blindly into the air while driving through. A move that anybody with any amount of gun safety knowledge would tell you is a terrible decision.

A longer video posted to the YouTube channel of J7409 shows Vana Dee Worthy confronting Leingang. The video shows Leingang also getting out of the vehicle with the gun in hand during the confrontation.

From the pictures and video taken during the incident, it did not take Diana Heideman to find out that Leingang owns Four Square Concrete LLC. Initial reports thought that Leingang was just an employee of the company.

In one picture that was uploaded to Facebook, a phoconcrete-company-owner-leonard-leingang-fires-gun-during-dakota-access-march-four-square-concretene number¬†with the concrete company’s name is seen on a window decal. As of now, when you attempt to call the number, it goes straight to voicemail, which is full.

Morton County Sheriff’s Department

What is even more surprising is the response from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, who have apparently chosen to stay silent about the situation. The Morton County Sheriff’s Department have been using their Facebook page any chance they get to demonize those against the pipeline,¬†yet they have given little to no attention to Leingang’s violent and erratic behavior.

Despite local law enforcement clearly standing against them, and the most recent violent action against them, those standing against the pipeline continue to hold their ground. As they hold their ground, Dakota Access continues construction of the controversial pipeline without any regards for the concerns of the people.



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