Leaked Documents From TigerSwan Give Disturbing Detail On The Dakota Access Protests

A look inside the leaked documents from the private security firm TigerSwan show disturbing details on the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Response

  • On Saturday The Intercept released leaked documents from the inside the private security firm TigerSwan

  • Documents show that FBI, BIA, and other government agencies were working with TigerSwan

  • The documents show TigerSwan trying to press a narrative through social media and media outlets

  • TigerSwan were using military-style counterterrorism measures

  • At one point TigerSwan tried to claim water protectors were possibly linking with Islamic and Palestinian extremists

Energy Transport Partners received heavy scrutiny after displaying a strong lack of ethical and business morals during months of massive protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The use of private security firms raised international concerns over fundamental human rights as those opposing the pipeline were subject to excessive force, intensive surveillance, and military style tactics commonly used against terrorist level threats in the Middle East.

While many felt that law enforcement in the area were using water protectors as practice for military warfare against American citizens, it was not until Saturday those concerns were validated after The Intercept released documents obtained from a member of the private security firm TigerSwan. It is now confirmed that TigerSwan led the fight to “defeat pipeline insurgencies.”

The Documents

The documents obtained by The Intercept show that the hired mercenary-based security firm was working with law enforcement across five states and implementing “military-style counterterrorism measures” against anyone who was in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The documents included internal communications between TigerSwan, local law enforcement, BIA, FBI, and other government agencies. They also show that TigerSwan acted in the best interest of their big oil clients, and used the same tactics used against jihadist insurgencies in the Middle East against American citizens utilizing their right to protest.

Between current attempts for new legislation to make punishment more severe for protesters, and the federal government working alongside TigerSwan, how these tactics will be implemented towards future protests as civil unrest continues to grow around the country should be concerning to every citizen in America.


September 7, 2016

In a document from September 7, 2016, TigerSwan met with the Project Manager for Iowa. In the document, it says that the expected completion date was the end of 2016; however, a note states, “not sure how realistic this target date is.” It goes on to say that the target date should “not extend much beyond the end of the year,” showing that even the private security firm believed construction of the pipeline would not be stopped.

TigerSwan met with one of the other security firms, Silverton international, who was contracted by ETP and held the basic goal to, “make the client happy.” At the time of the meeting Silverton they had five personnel on the ground, but were expected to have seven by the end of the week.

The document says that Security Resource Corporation (SRC) was also on the ground, but TigerSwan had not made contact and described them as, “basically the standard of Mall Cops.” SRC was said to be “unarmed, uniformed, and sub-standard.”

Leighton Security Services were also on scene but were “NOT a licensed company in Iowa.” Leighton was said to be coordinating with multiple law enforcement agencies in the area to provide them with off-duty law enforcement officers throughout various departments.

There were said to be 22 posts in the area being covered somewhat during the day, but mainly during the night by 175 law enforcement officers on a rotation.

The document also states that Precision Pipeline initially contacted Leighton. Precision Pipeline was responsible for laying the pipeline and reached out to Leighton to provide security over the pipeline at night. Later, Leighton was hired by ETP to provide security by “mobile, roving patrols” in Spread 3A and the Huxley Pump.

The last two pages of the document contain security suggestions for the area.

Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-09-07 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

September 11, 2016

A “Situation Update” on September 11, 2016, begins to show how closely TigerSwan was watching over the entire situation. The document included “Significant Events,” “Anticipated Significant Events,” Intelligence Update,” and “Operations Update.”

The document stated that TigerSwan personnel were meeting with the Mason City Police Chief on Monday, September 12 to discuss a protest that was scheduled to occur on Tuesday, September 13.

At the same time, Silverton personnel were traveling to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to stage for a protest on Monday, September 12. Remaining Silverton personnel were “tasked out by TigerSwan” to gather intelligence from the intended protest locations set for Tuesday, September 13.

There was also an “Anticipated Delivery” for an ops center in Iowa that included laptops, televisions, and phones by Monday, September 12, in order to “fully stand-up.”

Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-09-11 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

September 12, 2016

In a situation report from September 12, 2016, we begin to see the invasion of privacy TigerSwan used to protect the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Under significant events, it states that four vehicles made “multiple passes” by the Storm Lake construction site. The license plates of these vehicles were recorded and sent to Houston.

In the anticipated significant events it was said that six Silverton personnel were traveling to protest sites to gather intelligence in Des Moines, Iowa, Nauvoo, Illinois, and Mason City, Iowa. Meanwhile, two Silverton personnel were in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at a protest site gathering intelligence.

Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-09-12 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

September 13, 2016

In the September 13, situation report, not only do we see the continued infiltration of the camps and organized protests. We also get a first look at TigerSwan’s answer to bad press from media outlets and on social media.

Under “Public Relations,” TigerSwan stated they were going to begin contacting media and “correct facts in stories.” They also began a campaign to “sponsor social media narratives #dapl” and “reply to social media narratives with facts #dapl #nodapl.”

The document then states, “We are sponsoring the following social media and news narratives. Pipeline is being built on private land and 1092 feet of federal land. Pipeline is not being built on Native American land/reservation. Only 1092 feet go under Lake Oahe. Protesters are focusing on land that has an existing pipeline corridor built in 1982.”

Despite claims from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department that social media was not being used as a tool for tracking water protectors, the report goes on to show social media engagements from September 10 through the 12.

The document ends saying that North Dakota law enforcement had “excellent comments” regarding planning and communication with TigerSwan personnel. It was noted that having a liaison officer made a huge improvement. The “OPS/INTEL Fusion cell” was also moved to Mandan Municipal Airport at this time, which shows the government’s full cooperation with TigerSwan and ETP.

Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-09-13 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

September 14, 2016

In the September 14, situation report, it states that the Joint Operations Command (JOC) were notified protesters were running from “the cornfield on foot to the Access Road 91 work site.”

The Quick Reaction Force (QRF) helicopter and local law enforcement were “notified and immediately dispatched.” QRF 1-2 responded and made sure construction workers were safe, then dispatched vehicles to “find/photograph all protesters and vehicles in the area.”

Officers arrived on site and arrested eight people. They also impounded a van that was said to have three “sleeping dragon devices.” Sleeping Dragon is a term used to describe lock boxes that water protectors have used to lock themselves into the ground generally by burying them and using cement.

It was also stated that a video from Anonymous created on September 10, was discovered. In the video, Anonymous claimed to have sensitive information on ETP executives and workers. Since the video was released with no follow-up, TigerSwan dismissed the video as an “empty threat.”

It was also stated that a contract was finalized with ETP to hire additional guards. TigerSwan met with Urbandale Police Chief Ken Knopf. The Urbandale Police Department was then added to the Iowa “Fusion Distro list.”

Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-09-14 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

September 22, 2016

The September 22, situation report shows a shocking turn of events. Not only does TigerSwan begin targeting individuals, such as Haithem El-Zabri, Ed Fallon, and Cody Hall, they also began to insinuate a nefarious relationship with Islamic organizations.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing sections of all of the leaked documents, TigerSwan attempted to give the impression of Palestinian and Islamic influence over the water protectors that implied a jihadist movement.

Furthermore, the presence of additional Palestinians in the camp, and the movement’s involvement with Islamic individuals is a dynamic that requires further examination. Currently there is no information to suggest terrorist tactics or operations; however, with the current limitation on information flowing out of the camp, it cannot be ruled out.

This alone shows the dangers of having a group such as TigerSwan operating against the people of the United States. They are used to dealing with jihadist areas in very extreme parts of the world, not peaceful protesters. To put them into a domestic protest scenario is a perilous decision, given they are not used to providing services in these situations.

Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-09-22 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

October 16, 2016

The October 16, situation report states that Lee County, Iowa raised their bail for protesters to $2,000 in hopes of deterring further actions.

It also stated that Calhoun, Boone, and Webster County were not supportive of “DAPL’s security mission.” These three counties were said to be reluctant in arresting or citing trespassers.

You can see surveillance of all construction areas intensifying in the October report as support for opposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline steadily grew. TigerSwan was still looking to social media for information on protest situations, a tactic that has been used over the years in protest situations around the country.

Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-10-16 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

November 5, 2016

In the November 5, situation report, TigerSwan continues to show stories they believe need to be discredited due to it “legitimizing” water protectors against DAPL.

An extensive amount of this report is on independent journalist Gary Tomlin, who decided to drive the distance of the pipeline. His decision to drive the pipeline caused panic throughout TigerSwan, as they heavily monitored his trip and even gave time estimates of where he was going to arrive next.

Remind you, water protectors have faced charges for “stalking” DAPL employees and security personnel, yet these documents show these private security firms going above and beyond their duty to identify and target anybody and everybody that approached this precious pipeline.

Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-11-05 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Security Operations Overview

Also released in the documents were the “Security Operations Overview.” In this document, it is stated that the “mission” has four primary focuses; “protect the contractors of DAPL, protect the machinery of DAPL, protect the material of DAPL, protect the reputation of DAPL and your individual sub-contractor companies.”

Security Operations Overview 2016-10-16 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Daily Intelligence Updates

Two “Daily Intelligence Updates” were also released that were dated October 16, and November 5. These updates included an executive summary, public relations notes, project administration, other recommendations, weather updates, significant activities, assessments, intelligence requirements, and an area for questions.

Shared Daily Intelligence Update 2016-10-16 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Shared Daily Intelligence Update 2016-11-05 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

The final document released was an “Intel Group Email Thread.” The thread involving United States Marshall Service, Department of Justice, FBI, Military Police, and almost every agency in our government.

This email thread is especially disturbing, as it confirms that not only was our government aware of the actions of TigerSwan and DAPL, but they also allowed and aided them in suppressing the people’s right to protest peacefully, while attempting to sway the public’s opinion on both the pipeline and water protectors.

Intel Group Email Thread 2016-10-12 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Who Is TigerSwan

TigerSwan is founded by members of Delta Force, the U.S. Army’s elite tactical division. According to TigerSwan’s website, the firm offers Guardian Angel’s Emergency Assistance Beacons, NIFE Safety and Security Solutions, Due Diligence, Construction, Secure Executive Housing and Life Support, Advisory Services, and Service Integration and Management (SIAM).

Guardian Angel’s Emergency Assistance Beacons

According to TigerSwan, once you sign up for a Guardian Angel’s membership they issue a personal, special-purpose emergency assistance beacon. The website states the beacons are “Global Spatial Monitoring (GSM) and Global Positioning System (GPS) based locators, equipped with an intuitive panic button.”

The beacons are described as being “about half the size of an iPhone.” The size of the beacon “allows for easy transport, especially when passing through airport security.”

Some of the main features of the beacons include sending an electronic ping every minute to TigerSwan’s domestic and international Operation Centers. There is a panic button that when activated it sends an alarm message to Guardian Angel Operations Centers that contains the time and your exact GPS position and increases the ping rate to every five seconds.

The beacon also includes a microphone that will automatically initiate once the panic button is activated. The microphone also allows clients to report what is happening in real time.

NIFE Safety and Security Solutions

TigerSwan claims to be the only company to offer “Department of Defense compliant, military-grade data and human intelligence that analyzes your Network, Individuals, Facilities and Electronics/Environmental (NIFE®) to manage risks associated with information security, global operations, excess cash, third-party partnerships, human capital, and cost-reduction measures.”

Due Diligence

The security firm also offers “Due Diligence Solutions,” which includes “International Background Checks,” “On-the-ground Technology Assessments,” “On-the-ground Interviews and Verification,” “Financial Fraud Red Team,” “Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) Advisory,” and “Unblinking EyeTM Social Media Analysis.”

TigerSwan claims to use a “Zero Trust” system. Meaning, the firm views everybody as a “potential leak and investigate the full horizon of conceivable threats.”


TigerSwan Construction claims to have completed projects in “domestically, and in high-risk and remote regions throughout the Middle East.” Some of the services offered in their construction department include “Design-Bid-Build,” “Industrial Building Construction,” “Commercial and Institutional Buildings,” “New Single/Multifamily Housing Construction,” “Residential Villa Construction,” “Personnel and Vehicle Security Access/Inspection Entrance Construction,” “Roofing,” “Fire Arm Range Construction/Lead Mitigation Planning,” and “Munitions Storage Construction.”

Secure Executive Housing and Life Support

The Secure Executive Housing and Life Support offers executives and employees safe housing and accommodations when traveling to emerging markets. The firm states that “hotels in several areas across the Middle East, Africa, and Central America are not safe or secure solutions for your employee.”

Currently, TigerSwan offers secure housing in Baghdad, Iraq, Basrah, Iraq, Kabul, Afghanistan, Herat, Afghanistan, and Tripoli, Libya.

Advisory Services

TigerSwan also offers “Advisory Services” against “civil unrest, political strife, and difficult economic challenges.” These services are targeted towards governments, corporations and relief organizations working in conflict regions and emerging markets.

These services include “Linguist and Cultural,” “Agricultural and Hydrology,” “Portable Water and Power,” “Design and Build,” “Health Safety and Environmental,” “Medical,” “Logistics,” “Demining,” “Law Enforcement, Military, Peacekeepers, Security Service Trainers,” and “Coordination and Emergency Response Center.”

Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) provides services for emerging markets. The firm states that they take on risk to reduce their client’s exposure. SIAM directors are said to have experience in integrated solutions in semi- and non-permissive global environments.

Services from SIAM include “Network Enterprise and IT Services,” “Demining and UXO Clearance,” “Geophysical Seismic Services,” “Supply Chain Management,” “Transportation Services,” “Health Care,” “Construction Services,” “Water and Hydrology Services,” and “Technical and Facility Security Services.”

The Intercept claims that Saturday’s release is just a portion of the documents they have. In the weeks to come they will release the other documents that they have obtained. For many these leaked documents come as a shock, but for water protectors that experienced these tactics, it only verifies what was already known.



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