Law enforcement is spraying water protectors in Standing Rock with water cannons

Law enforcement continues to trample on the human rights of those against the Dakota Access Pipeline

  • Law enforcement sprayed peaceful demonstrators with a water canon in 23-degree weather

  • Large amounts of tear gas were used on the crowd, along with rubber bullets and LRAD

  • Livestream video from Digital Smoke Signals showed the entire incident

UPDATE: TDH has been informed that water protectors went to the bridge to remove the burnt vehicles law enforcement have been using as a barricade. The act was one of peace but was met with a vicious response from the law enforcement in the area. 

UPDATE 2: Kevin Gilbertt is livestreaming from the area, but his stream continues to drop and go back up. We suggest you go to his profile and if the stream goes down, refresh the page and wait for him to go live again. Our friends at Unicorn Riot are streaming from the area as well

UPDATE 3: Morton County Sheriff’s Department made a post on their Facebook claiming that the incident in Standing Rock is a “riot” and protesters are trying to breach the barricade to go north on Highway 1806. 

The post also claims that protesters have started a dozen fires by the bridge. Both of these accusations are completely false. Livestream videos have shown that law enforcement’s tear gas canisters have been starting the fires and water protectors have been putting the fires out, despite law enforcement having a water cannon on the scene. Video evidence can be seen on Kevin Gilbertt’s timeline

UPDATE 4: Law enforcement has brought in two more water cannons to use against water protectors. There is now a total of three water cannons being used against water protesters. It is currently 24-degrees in the area. 

Human rights have been trampled on for those standing against the Dakota Access in Standing Rock, but tonight law enforcement took their abuse of power to a new level.

At roughly 7:00 pm, police began attacking a peaceful demonstration that had formed just north of the main camp on Highway 1806. Law enforcement used the normal mix of tear gas, bean bag rounds, and mace, but also included a new weapon.

A Facebook live video from Kevin Gilbertt showed law enforcement using water canons against the peaceful demonstration. The temperature in Bismarck was roughly 23 degrees when law enforcement began using this brutal tactic.

The cold weather has been a major concern for those staying in the area to stand against the pipeline. The temperatures are enough to kill a man alone, getting these water protectors drenching wet makes the situation that much more dangerous.

It should be noted that the majority of the people that are being sprayed down with water are sleeping outside in the camps.

During the attack, a projectile fired by law enforcement started a small fire, but the person in control of the water cannon ignored the fire. Those being attacked by law enforcement ended up putting the fire out.

Law enforcement began firing tear gas at an alarming rate. On Gilbertt’s livestream, huge clouds of tear gas could be seen covering the area.

Water protectors standing on the bridge took the bulk of the tear gas. People are not able to clear out of the bridge area in time to get away from the tear gas without trampling each other, so they are forced to stand and take it.

One woman who spoke on the livestream said that the tear gas was so thick that it made her vomit and pee her pants. The woman was trying to take blankets to those who were sprayed with the water cannons when the crowd was bombarded with tear gas.

Law enforcement also used a Long Range Acoustic Device, LRAD, against the crowd. The LRAD confuses those targeted by it, which makes the situation that much more dangerous.

Imagine being stuck in tear gas, while soaking wet in the freezing cold, as rubber bullets are flying past you; then a device is used that is intended to disorient people. This creates a very dangerous situation.

Mainstream media is still nowhere to be found as these clear violations of human rights continue to happen. Despite mainstream media’s lack of coverage, over 50,000 people were watching Gilbertt’s livestream, meaning that the word is still getting out.



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