Larry “Skullman” Wood Sentenced To 15 Years For Raping His Stepdaughter

Larry “Skullman” Wood was sentenced on Friday to 15 years in prison for the 2015 rape of his stepdaughter

  • Wood is not up for parole for 13 years

  • In May of 2015 Wood was arrested for the incident

  • On September 28, of this year Wood was convicted

On Friday, in Wichita, Kansas, Larry “Skullman” Wood was sentenced to 15-and-a-half years in prison for the 2015 rape of his stepdaughter. He is not eligible for parole until after serving 13 years.

Wood was arrested for the crime in May of 2015 but did not go to court until September of this year. His trial began on September 26, and his conviction came on September 28. At the time of sentencing, Wood’s bond was revoked, and it was reported that he passed out.

Both Emily Isaacson, Wood’s stepdaughter who was 16 at the time of the assault, and her mother Sheila Stills were relieved with Judge O’Connor’s decision to give Wood a long sentence.

Orignal Story

For Larry Dewayne “Skullman” Wood’s stepdaughter justice is finally being served. On Thursday, Wood was found guilty of the 2015 rape of his 16-year-old stepdaughter Emily Isaacson.
Unbeknownst to her, 2015 would end up being a year that would change Isaacson’s life forever. Early in the year, Wood committed the atrocious act. After the attack, Isaacson was taken to the hospital and Wood’s DNA was found.

In May of 2015, Wood was arrested for the rape. After spending roughly five months in jail, Wood bonded out. Isaacson would spend the next two years waiting for legal procedures to begin while Wood was free to roam the streets.

Jury Trial

In August of 2017, Isaacson was told Wood’s trial would begin on September 26. According to Isaacson’s mother, Sheila Stills, Wood had told three different stories of what happened. It is believed that due to these conflicting stories, Wood did not take the stand.

After a two day trial, the jury decided Wood is guilty of rape, ending an over two-year wait for legal justice. Stills told TDH that Wood passed out when Judge Kevin O’Connor revoked his bond. After coming out of his theatrical show, Wood was escorted out of court and booked into Sedgwick County Jail.

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