25-Year-Old Lamar Richardson Named As Victim In Toledo Police Shooting

Toledo Police Department name 25-year-old Lamar Richardson as victim in Friday’s police shooting

  • Initial reports falsely claimed the victim was a teenage boy

  • TPD claim Richardson was armed at the time of the shooting

  • It is unknown at this time if Richardson pulled his weapon

Toledo Police Department made a statement in regards to Friday afternoon’s fatal police shooting. According to the TPD, information released on social media was profoundly flawed.

It was initially reported officers opened fire on a teenage boy believed to be 15 or 16-years-old. In a media briefing, TPD named the victim as 25-year-old Lamar Richardson. Richardson was said to be armed at the time of the shooting.

A tweet from the TPD on Friday evening showed a firearm laying in the grass. The gun was said to have fallen from Richardson but it was unknown if he pointed the weapon at officers, or if any shots were fired.

Update: Officer-Involved shooting investigation is ongoing & will take time. We will provide updates as we get them. The person shot is 25 years of age, not a juvenile. He did have a firearm. PLEASE, be weary of misinformation.

The gun found at the scene of the shooting was a Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm. TPD was investigating a robbery, but it was not said if Robinson was considered to be a person of interest.

Update: Officer-Involved shooting included members of #toledopolice Special Ops conducting surveillance on a robbery suspect. Officers shot when suspect presented this S&W Shied 9mm firearm.

It was also reported that Richardson had a felony warrant for theft of a motor vehicle and four other warrants. Richardson was also said to be a person of interest in at least four carryout robberies in West Toledo. The stolen vehicle Richardson was spotted in on Friday is believed to be a separate incident.

TPD said Richardson was spotted in a stolen vehicle which led to a short pursuit. Richardson evaded police in the neighborhood but was later spotted on a bicycle. It was at that time the situation escalated into a fatal shooting.




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