Lacey Brandenburg Makes Viral Post With A Letter Written About Her Disabled Son

Lacey Bradenburg went viral on Facebook after she posted a disturbing letter written to her about her disabled son

  • Bradenburg’s son Ashton suffers from mental retardation, autism, cognitive disorder, and ADHD

  • Ashton brought home a letter from the parents of his only friend from the school

  • The letter asks for Ashton to stay away from their son due to Ashton playing with toys and watching cartoons meant for children younger than him

  • The post has been shared over 70,000 times in just 15 hours

Raising a child with disabilities is not an easy task. Aside from medical concerns, the parents, unfortunately, have to worry about discrimination and bullying towards their disabled child. However, these are concerns parents normally have in response to other children bullying, not other parents.

On Thursday, Lacey Brandenburg posted two images to her Facebook showing a letter her disabled child Ashton brought home. The letter was written by the parents of Ashton’s only friend at school. Brandenburg claims the letter was given to the other child to give to Ashton.

In the viral post, Brandenburg states her son “suffers from intellectual disability (mental retardation), autism, cognitive disorder and ADHD.” With an IQ of 60, it is not surprising that Ashton likes to play with toys and watch cartoons geared towards children younger than him.

Theres one thing i do not completely understand yesterday ashton arrived home with a note he received from a friend that another parent wrote, i dont understand how u comprehend not only giving the child a letter like this is ok but how u consider this type of parenting is ok, i almost want to cry because a child should never ever have to deal with this level of things EVER!!! I will not give out names so dont ask just note this is being posted to teach people what parents with special needs children face and what they deal with! Ashton is a very good child he suffers from intellectual disability (mental retardation), autism, cognitive disorder and adhd, he does play with toys u wouldnt expect sometimes and he does watch lower level cartoons but that doesnt mean u keep ur child from him i have been trying to wrap my head around this for the last 24 hours and im sorry i still dont understand but apparently this parent doesnt either yet mine struggles to figure out y the child cant play with him, ashtons IQ is 60 its supposed to b 85-115 hes gonna play with toys and watch cartoons as well as understand things at the level of his IQ!!! Keep in mind this is the one friend ashton has at school there arent any others and its because of the way parents teach their children and the way children treat someone whose a little different

The two photos of the letter Ashton was given states the other child’s parents had a discussion and decided that Ashton was no longer able to play with their child due to him relating to toys and cartoons meant for children younger than him. The parents treat Ashton’s disabilities as if they are contagious, instead of showing any sympathy for the young boy.


I am sorry but after speaking with my husband we don’t feel that your son playing with ours is a good idea. While he was over here on Xmas break we noticed he was playing with toys that you would expect a younger child to play with as well as the cartoons he asked to watch were that of a 3-5 year old. We want our child to play with toys and watch television for his age not younger or older than him. The hand flapping is a concern we don’t want our son to learn to do that! We ask the boys don’t speak or play together and keep a distance from each other at school. We know playing with toys is one thing but we want our son to play with toys appropriate for his age not those of a younger child. We want him to watch cartoons and tv of his age as well, Ashton was watching bugs bunny, pokemon, and tom and jerry, those are cartoons of a younger child. I know he has a disability but we feel his disability may hold our sons level of comprehension life, his communication, socialization, and learning level may be at risk if playing and being around Ashton continues, On the other hand Ashton was very well behaved, He said please/thank you, and he picked up while here.

Please keep your son away from ours so ours are not picking up the idea that playing with toys or watching cartoons younger than his age is ok.


The letter is a sad reminder of the challenges people with disabilities face every day. It is very depressing to know this is how these parents view a disabled child, and even more depressing knowing these are the moral’s they are passing down. Luckily for the parents who wrote the note, Brandenburg has refused to give out the parents name. The post has been shared over 70,000 times in under 24 hours and does not appear to be slowing down. Instead of revenge, the viral post will act as a reminder of how cruel people can be.



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