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Meet Kyle Thompson, the Knightsbridge Risk Management employee that was disguised as a water protector

The identity of the man who was arrested dressed as a water protector an armed with an AR-15 has been confirmed

  • Kyle Thompson has been identified as the DAPL security guard responsible for Thursday’s incident

  • Thompson works for the private security group Knightsbridge Risk Management

  • Dakota Access contacted Knightsbridge in early 2015

Just days ago we reported on the Dakota Access employee who was arrested by the Bureau of Indian Investigations after getting into a confrontation with water protectors while brandishing an AR-15. Today we come back to you with more information on the man behind that incident.

Meet Bismarck resident Kyle Thompson who served for eight years in the 1st Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division. In December of 2007, Thompson returned home a hero, after he served 15-months in Iraq.

Thompson served 15-months in Iraq

Upon Thompson’s return home he was greeted by former Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Tex Hall. Hall gifted Thompson an eagle feather headdress, then a drum group played and sang songs to celebrate his arrival and his success in war.

Now, 10-years later, Thompson is at the center of an incident where he had to be ran off a road while driving a truck towards water protectors, armed with an AR-15.

What happened

On Thursday, as tensions were escalating in North Dakota after water protectors were forced off an area of land located across from what is said to be a sacred burial ground, Thompson was spotted driving a white truck while holding an AR-15.

A witness tried to reach in the vehicle to stop Thompson, at which point he sped off. He then turned towards an area where there was heavy foot traffic, at which point camp security was alerted that an armed individual was heading their way.

Each camp has had security to ensure weapons such as the one Thompson had are not making it into the area.

A security guard managed to run Thompson off the road with an SUV. That is when the situation escalated. Thompson hopped out of the vehicle, very defensive, with AR-15 in hand. Security quickly approached him and attempted to de-escalate the situation. Video from Lee Ann Eastman can be seen below.

Thompson went into the nearby water, where he was followed by security and people from the camp. It was at that point people notified the BIA what was going, and they quickly removed Thompson from the scene.

Thompson’s response

Thompson has since taken to social media to claim that he was only attempting to get pictures of equipment, and had no intention of using his weapon. He claims instead that he grabbed his weapon after “over 300 protesters” were coming towards his truck that hit been ran off the road. The post can be read below.


Witnesses on the scene strongly dispute Thompson’s account and say that Thompson was a legitimate threat to people’s safety.

What was even more disturbing than the incident itself was what was found after Thompson had got out of the vehicle he was driving.

Thompson was a security guard for DAPL

Thompson was dressed as a water protector. A red bandanna was used to cover his face, and arm sleeves used to cover his tattoos. While he may have looked like a water protector, Thompson was actually a security guard for Dakota Access.


Paperwork in the car showed that Knightsbridge Risk Management owned the car. His security badge was also found inside the vehicle, along with a log sheet that showed Bismarck resident Sheldon Webber had used the truck the day prior.


Knightsbridge Risk Management

Owned by Charles Graham Clifton, Knightsbridge Risk Management is a private security firm that was hired by Dakota Access before the stand against Dakota Access was even a whisper throughout the country.

According to an interview with CNBC, Dakota Access began calling Clifton in early 2015 to see what could be done to prevent possible future protests. In the June interview, Clifton said they were expecting protests six months down the line as companies prepared for the possibilities for drilling to be shut down along the North Dakota and the Bakken shale formation.

On the Texas Department of Public Safety website, Knightsbridge Risk Management is placed in the categories of “Guard Company,” “Guard Dog Company,” “Investigation Company,” and “Security Consultant Company.”

The TDPS website also shows that the company is expired, and they do have “Armed Guard Insurance,” and “Guard Dog Insurance.”

Knightsbridge has sister companies

Aside from Knightsbridge Risk Management, Clifton owns AMGI Global, LTD CO, which is a guard company. AMGI Global was started in 2012 but is now said to make an estimated $120,000 a year. Almost 97% more than other guard companies around the country, with the average revenue being $61,000.

Clifton also owns Castle Peaks Training Center, which is listed as a “Level 3 Training School,” and a “Level 4 Training School.” Meaning, Clifton can have his own guards pay him to train to go work for his firms.

It is believed that Knightsbridge is not the only private security firm believed to be active in North Dakota. However, it would appear that it is most likely the primary security firm.

Since Knightsbridge Risk Management is listed as partially being a “Guard Dog Company,” one can only assume it was possibly Clifton’s company that was behind the dog attacks that occurred on September 3 of this year.



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