Kory Watkins For Texas Governor Campaign Releases Glass Pipes To Show He Is The Real Deal

Kory Watkins made glass pipes for his campaign for Texas governor

  • Watkins revealed the “campaign surprise” on his Facebook on Thursday

  • A poll from UT and and the Texas Tribune shows 83% of Texans are for medical cannabis

  • A medical cannabis bill did not make it to the floor for vote

Kory Watkins is seeking the Libertarian nomination to run for Texas governor. On Thursday, Watkins shared a “campaign surprise” to his personal Facebook page.

In either a move of pure genius or political suicide, the Watkins campaign has decided to add campaign glass pipes to their arsenal. The post had a picture of a glass pipe that reads, “KORY WATKINS FOR TEXAS GOVERNOR.” The caption with the picture read, “Our campaign surprise is unleashed. Behold, the official Kory Watkins For Texas piece.”

You can order the Watkins for Governor pipe online for a donation of $20. Watkins stated that the campaign pipes will deliver a clear message, “We want people to know we are the real deal when it comes to supporting more cannabis freedoms.”

83% Percent

Texas managed to make some positive movement towards cannabis use in the last year. Despite Governor Greg Abbott not see any cannabis bills in 2017, there is still a chance for 2019.

“The lawmakers pretend we are still living in the refer madness age.” Watkins went on to say, “Not too many are fooled by that anymore.”

A poll conducted by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune showed that “83 percent of Texans support legalizing marijuana for some use; 53 percent would go beyond legal medical marijuana to allow possession for any use, the poll found. Two years ago, 24 percent of Texans said no amount of marijuana should be legal for any use and another 34 percent said it should be allowed only for medical use.”

Medical Cannabis Bill

With an unprecedented number of Texans support for cannabis in Texas, along with the support from 77 Democrats and Republicans, you would think the state would have at least considered going in the direction of medical cannabis. Maybe they would have if the medical cannabis bill was ever called to the floor of the Texas State House for a vote.

The bill would have expanded the state’s medical marijuana program by allowing those without epilepsy to receive cannabis. The bill also would allow some low-level THC strains of cannabis. Republican Representative Jason Isaac said due to a lack of education when his colleagues saw THC they “collapsed.”

A companion bill that made it into the State Senate never even received a hearing. A decriminalization bill based off of Houston never got to see the floor before the legislative deadline.

Watkins believes “the government should have no say when it comes to cannabis. Let the free market take care of it,” which is quickly becoming the consensus around the country.




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