BREAKING: North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer claims Dakota Access approved for Lake Oahe easement

Kevin Cramer released a video statement claiming that Dakota Access has been granted the Lake Oahe easement

  • The Lake Oahe easement has been the center of the stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline

  • In the video Cramer thanks the Trump administration for taking action

  • The US Army Corps of Engineers have not officially confirmed Cramers claim

UPDATE: Senator John Hoeven released this statement today after speaking with Vice President Pence and Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer.

“Today, the Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer informed us that he has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline. This will enable the company to complete the project, which can and will be built with the necessary safety features to protect the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and others downstream.

Building new energy infrastructure with the latest safeguards and technology is the safest and most environmentally sound way to move energy from where it is produced to where people need it.

We are also working with the Corps, the Department of Justice, the Department of Interior and the Department of Homeland Security to secure additional federal law enforcement resources to support state and local law enforcement. On Sunday, 20 additional Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement officers arrived at Standing Rock to assist local authorities. Also, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council has asked the protesters to leave the campsite on Corps land.

This has been a difficult issue for all involved, particularly those who live and work in the area of the protest site, and we need to bring it to a peaceful resolution.”

It is possibly the day that many have been dreading. North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer claims that the US Army Corps of Engineers has granted the Dakota Access Pipeline the easement needed to complete the pipeline.

In a video press release, Cramer said he was very pleased and grateful to the Trump administration when he got a call from the White House today saying that the easement had been granted.

Cramer goes on to say he confirmed the decision with the Army Corps of Engineers and that Congress was going to be notified immediately.

I have received word the Department of Defense is granting the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline and Congressional notification is imminent. It’s time to get to work and finish this important piece of energy infrastructure enhancing America’s energy security and putting North Dakotans and Americans back to work. President Trump has proven to be a man of action and I am grateful for his commitment to this and other critical infrastructure projects so vital to our nation.

As of the time of this article, the US Army Corps of Engineers have not released anything in regards to granting the needed easement.

The Lake Oahe easement has been the center of a very long standoff against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Throughout that standoff, it became horrifically clear that Dakota Access is willing to do whatever they need to ensure the pipeline is completed.

The announcement, if true, comes after both the government and the Standing Rock Sioux tribal council attempting to shut down all remains camps in the area. Those remaining in the area have refused to leave, despite the wishes of the federal government and the tribal council.

LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard’s property is the home of Sacred Stone. Allard has made it quite clear that the camp is not moving and anybody wishing to join the stand is welcome to come to her property and join those who continue to make a stand against DAPL.



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