Kentucky residents Suzanna and Marsha Gray arrested after video showing abuse of an autistic girl goes viral.

A disturbing video from Sturgis, Kentucky has gone viral and gained the attention of local law enforcement. The video shows an autistic girl being tortured in the foster home she was placed in by the state.

Devon Brooks Hays uploaded the video to her personal Facebook page just 23-hours ago. The video has already been viewed over 300,000 times. It was shared with the local police department and local news outlets by concerned viewers.

Hays gave a brief explanation of the background story of the video, in which she claimed the girl in the video is an autistic girl who has a phobia of having her eyes covered. Hays goes on to say that the family is paid $1,100 a month to take care of the autistic girl, yet treat her terribly. Her post reads as follows.

“This is a video that was taken to prove child abuse on a special needs child who has a phobia of having her eyes covered. This child was placed in home in Sturgis Ky where they receive 1100.00 plus a month as well as about to receive 40,000.00 yet she is abused Unloved not fed. The video was given to the morganfield Ky sheriff Dept, & CPS YET THE CHILD IS STILL IN THE CARE OF THESE MONSTERS!! They were given the names as well as the address! Please SHARE TAG AND SHARE SOME MORE THIS CHILD NEEDS OUR HELP!!!!”

The video shows 24-year-old Suzanna Gray sitting on an ottoman, as she covers the autistic girl’s eyes from behind. At times she pulls on the autistic girl’s head forcing her back to bend. The autistic girl struggles to break away from Gray’s grasp but is unable to. The autistic girl screams as she tries to get away.

Shortly into the video, the autistic girl begins frantically screaming. She can be heard screaming, “You fucking bitch!” At that point, 41-year-old Marsha Gray yells at the autistic girl, disciplining her for swearing at her. Marsha comes into the room and as Suzanna continues to hold the autistic girl, she begins slapping her. The female behind the camera can be heard saying, “She called Marsha a fucking bitch.”

After Marsha’s attack, the autistic girl tries desperately to get away from Suzanna’s grasp. At that point, Suzanna sits on the girls lower back to continue covering her eyes. Suzanna can be seen smiling as the autistic girl continues to scream frantically. A male voice can be heard saying what sounds like, “Tell them what you are going to do to them, Nessa.” We can only assume he is antagonizing the autistic girl at that moment.

The video can be seen below. Warning: the video is graphic in nature and is not appropriate for all audiences.


Today, both Suzanna and Marsha were taken into custody. WMSK reports that the autistic girl has been removed from the home. Union County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Thomas told WMSK that an investigation has begun, and they intend on identifying everyone that was present at the time of the video being filmed.

Both Suzanna and Marsha were arrested and charged with Criminal Abuse 1st Degree-Child 12 or Under. At this time it appears Suzanna is out on bond, while Marsha remains in Union County Jail. In Kentucky, First Degree Child Abuse can result in 5 to 10 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.



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