Kay Kae Rangel Fired For Viral Video Of Child Abuse In Lubbock Texas

Kay Kae Rangel and another woman have been fired for a viral video showing the treatment of a young girl at a daycare in Lubbock, Texas

  • Makenzie Sedeno is said to be the woman that recorded the viral video

  • My Little Playhouse Learning Center LLC said both women were fired on Friday

  • Police are investigating the video and say it was recorded a few weeks prior to being released

A viral video on Facebook has led to two women from being fired from the My Little Playhouse Learning Center on 50th Street in Lubbock, Texas. Police say they are also investigating the viral video of Kay Kae Rangel pulling a little girl’s hair.

While the video went viral on Friday, police say it was recorded a few weeks ago at the daycare. In a statement, owners and directors of the daycare said the two women were fired and local authorities were notified.

The owners and Directors of My Little Playhouse Learning Center LLC were made aware of video footage posted on social media at approximately 11:45 a.m. Staff involved were fired immediately. Local authorities (LPD) has been notified and are investigating accordingly. Texas Department of Childcare Licensing has also been notified.

The video went viral hours after being uploaded and both women were quickly identified. Makenzie Sedeno is said to have recorded the video in which Rangel is seen pulling a little girl’s hair as she forces her to stand in front of a cafeteria area.

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Sedeno is heard laughing in the video as Rangel is seen pulling the little girl by her hair and telling her to eat her food. The Instagram account “kaykaerangelofficial” uploaded the video. A Facebook page either ran by Rangel or an enemy of Rangel has reshared the video which now has over 200,000 views.

A post on Rangel’s Facebook page defends the video. It is not clear if the post was originally made to the page, or if Rangel made it on another account. Like other posts, the caption links the kaykaerangelofficial Instagram account.

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