Kansas Republican Primary Tells The Tale Of Two Rons

On Thursday U.S. Representative Ron Estes discovered he would be running against Ron Estes

  • Ron M. Estes filed to run in the Republican primary against Rep. Ron Estes

  • In a statement Estes stated Kansas deserved more than a “rubber stamp from the D.C. swamp” in regards to Rep Estes

  • Both Estes’ are now running in the Republican primary on Tuesday, August 7

On Thursday, U.S. Representative Ron Estes was shocked to find out his latest Republican primary opponent was none other than, Ron Estes.

No, you did not read that wrong. According to the Wichita Eagle, the non-elected Estes lives in Wichita and is a first-time candidate who filed under the name Ron M. Estes. The following statement was released on the candidate’s website, realronestes.com.

“When our leaders let us down, it’s time to step up,” said Ron Estes, Republican candidate for Congress. “This is a campaign about Kansas and our values. We deserve more than another rubber stamp from the D.C. Swamp.”

WICHITA, Kan. – Today, Ron Estes announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for Kansas’ Fourth Congressional District seat.

Estes, a father of two who lives in Wichita with his wife Ellen, is a first-time candidate. He is running because our status quo elected leaders refuse to represent the people of Kansas’ Fourth District – ignoring town halls, avoiding constituents, running huge deficits, and more. The incumbent is a perfect representative of “The Swamp” in Washington, D.C.

“I love the people of Kansas, and our current representative is an embarrassment,” Estes said. “The incumbent has become the epitome of the DC Swamp. I believe Kansas Republicans deserve a Rep. Ron Estes who will show up and represent Fourth District Kansans. I feel compelled to run in and win this primary to defend our Kansas values.”

Estes said his priorities will be representing the interests of Fourth District voters instead of the interests of campaign donors.

“Focusing on the people is the only way to end gridlock in Washington, D.C.,” Estes said. “Our leaders have let us down, and it’s time for change from the status quo.”

Get updates from Republican candidate Ron Estes at www.RealRonEstes.com.

A Twitter account with the handle @RealRonEstes—not to be confused with Rep Estes’ handle @RepRonEstes—also appeared on Thursday. The first tweet read, “I’m in this campaign because Kansas Republicans deserve better than a DC Swamp creature who refuses show up and lead. #ksleg,” with a link to the real Ron Estes website.

“This is clearly an attempt to deceive Kansas voters,” Josh Bell spokesperson for Rep. Estes told The Eagle. “Kansans know that Congressman Ron Estes is fighting for them in Washington. Rep. Ron Estes looks forward to discussing with voters how to keep this positive economic momentum going — it’s starting to have a big impact for Kansas families.”

It is no surprise the Estes campaign is less than thrilled about their newest opponent. The idea of two Estes’ running has the potential of running amok in the primary election on Tuesday, August 7.

Ron Estes running against Ron Estes is not the first strange occurrence in the 2018 Kansas election. Six high school students received national attention after they signed up as gubernatorial candidates when they learned Kansas had no age requirements to run for governor.

The teenage candidates forced Kansas lawmakers to scramble to fix the loophole by introducing House Bill 2539. The bill states candidates running for any government office must be at least 18-years-old and have been a Kansas resident for four consecutive years.

The bill was passed on May 4 but does not go into effect until January 1, 2019, to avoid any conflicts with candidates who may not meet the requirements in the 2018 election.



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