Latest Kansas Mountain Lion Sighting Picture Found To Be A Hoax

Latest image of a mountain lion in Kansas proved to be a hoax

  • Deb Southerland posted a picture to her Facebook of a mountain lion laying in a corn field supposedly just north of Washington, Kansas

  • The video has been used in several mountain lion sighting hoaxes in the last two years

  • The picture was originally taken in an Estrela neighborhood of Tabapuã

For whatever reason, Kansas has found itself at the center of multiple mountain lion hoaxes, just proving that any subject is fair game when it comes to online hoaxes.

Most recently, a picture went viral on Facebook after Deb Southerland posted a picture of a mountain lion allegedly lying in a Kansas Cornfield. The caption with the image read, “Seen just north of Washington, KS. Beautiful.”

The picture has been shared almost 7,000 times since it was posted on July 27. Southerland did not share the image from another page. Instead she uploaded directly to her account. However, it was not the first time the picture has went viral online.

Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota

In 2016, reddit user Handicapreader posted the picture to the pics subreddit. The title for the thread read, “Found a stray cat in the corn field.” In the comment section, Handicapreader claims the image was taken in Iowa.

On June 20, 2016, J.P. Richardson posted the same picture to his Facebook claiming the mountain lion was spotted in Traer, Iowa. The caption for the image read, “Outside of Traer, IA! Hot humid day today! Kitty of the Corn.”

In 2016, the same image was used to claim a mountain lion sighting in Ft Ridgely, Minnesota. This image was shared on July 26, 2016, just six days after Richardson posted it to his Facebook claiming the mountain lion was located in Iowa.

The image has been used for mountain lion hoaxes in multiple states around the country, but does not even originate from America.

Gazeta Do Interior

The image first hit the Web on April 24, 2015, in an article from Gazeta do interior titled “De Olho: Onça é vista em roça de milho de Tabapuã,” which roughly translates to, “From the Eye: Onça is seen in a corn field of Tabapuã.”

The article states that the picture was sent to the Gazeta by a reader who took the picture in an Estrela neighborhood of Tabapuã.

While this image may be a fake, mountain lion sightings have occurred in Kansas, but it is extremely rare according to an article from the Wichita Eagle released on July 2, 2017.

Mountain Lion Sightings Rare In Kansas

It is reported that in the last 113 years Kansas biologists have responded to hundreds of reports of mountain lion sightings with only roughly 20 of those reports being confirmed.

Biologists say that the small number of confirmations does not mean mountain lions do not exist in Kansas, there is just little modern evidence backing the claims. It is known that mountain lions live roughly 100 miles to the southwest of Kansas, which is not a hard trip.

Many who report these mountain lion sightings are actually seeing bobcats, and even house cats. While you would think the size difference would prevent a house cat from being confused with a mountain lion, it is somewhat common for people to send in pictures of house cats claiming it to be a mountain lion sighting. There is also no confirmation that a black mountain lion has been found in America in the last 500 years.



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