Kansas Family Caught On Camera Partying In Greenwood Cemetery

Pictures and video are spreading on social media of a family partying at the Greenwood Cemetery in Wichita Kansas

  • The Facebook page “Wichitawesome” shared two images of the incident

  • A live video of the incident was recorded on Facebook by Kris C Merritt

Update: A post brought to our attention after publishing this article has been included.

A video on social media that shows a family partying in the Greenwood Cemetery located in Wichita, Kansas is spreading on social media.

The incident occurred on July 29 but began receiving more attention after it was shared to the Facebook page “Wichitawesome.” The post includes two images, one of which shows a woman flipping off two men and another showing a canopy that was set up in the cemetery. The caption with the images reads as follows.

Things you 👀 in #Wichitawesome!

This family had a whole party in the cemetery. Bbq, Beer Drankin’, Kids running wild, Dogs pissing on gravestones and more!

Credit: K. Merritt

In the comment section, the images were defended by claiming the children were actually cleaning the cemetery and the area was left cleaner than when they arrived. However, video of the incident tells a different story.

Kris C Merritt went on Facebook LIVE to show the party as it was happening. The caption for the video read “Disresptful and inappropriate behavior at the cemetery.”

In the video, Merritt is sitting in her vehicle and describing what she is watching. Merritt states the adults were barbecuing and drinking while their children were running around the cemetery with no adult supervision. The children allegedly picking up flowers from graves and placing them at other graves.

“She just picked up one of these floral sprays. Look at that, she’s got that in her hand and she’s walking away right now,” Merritt says. “She just broke it.”

In a second live video, Merritt gives an update on the cemetery. Merritt explained that she confused some possible vandalism after dark that did not occur.

Merritt says there was no major vandalism, aside from what she witnessed. No headstones were damaged during the party. She goes on to say some plaques were destroyed by the boys kicking them. The dog was also said to have urinated on several headstones.

In a separate thread, Merritt claims she was told by an officer there was a case of what sounds like trespassing since the family and not the cemetery owns each gravesite.

A Facebook post made on Thursday began going viral hours after it was posted. Terri Gray posted six images and explained that her husband, several friends and students are buried at the cemetery the family was partying at. Gray claims that the staff at Greenwood Cemetery “reportedly not been quite truthful about this.”


Gray says the sheriff was called, but the incident is part of an ongoing problem stemming from one family. She goes on to say that she personally witnessed some of the destruction and did her best to fix it.



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