Kansas DCF wrongfully claims burns on child’s hands then takes away widowed mothers visits

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The Kansas DCF wrongfully diagnosed a fairly common reaction to streptococcal infection treatment with 2nd-Degree burns

  • The children’s mother was shocked when the Kansas DCF cancelled home visits due to the claim of burns

  • A letter from a doctor stated that the boy did not suffer burns

Amanda Hunt is now a widowed mother who has been fighting to get her children back from the Kansas Department for Children and Families. Last week Hunt was horrified to hear her home visits were canceled after their case worker had claimed Logan had 2nd-Degree burns on his hands.

Hunt and her deceased husband were on the verge of getting their children back when a fatal car accident set everything back. Chris passed away in the accident, and Amanda suffered serious injuries, including multiple broken bones.

Since then, Hunt has made her way out of the hospital and got a new house for her family to put the pieces of their broken lives back together as well as they can. Things were going well, with everything considered, until Hunt was told that her home visits had been canceled due to one of her sons having 2nd-Degree burns on his hands.

After Hunt had found out about the allegations against her, she was devastated. She has already worked so hard towards getting her children back and worked through the loss of her husband; then it seemed like all her progress was for nothing. Until today.

Hunt now has documentation from a doctor who saw her son today and has ruled that there were not burns on her son’s hands. The doctor believes that her son’s hands are peeling due to a treatment for streptococcal infection of his throat.

The peeling of skin on children’s hands is a “well-documented phenomenon” following treatment for streptococcal infection. The letter goes on to say that the doctor did not suspect burns to be on the child’s hands as a result of “burn, neglect, or abuse.”


Currently, a petition has been started in Sedgwick County Kansas to request a Grand Jury investigate the actions of the Kansas DCF. The petition needs 4,000 signatures, and currently has received roughly 1,000.



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