Leaked Audio And Drug Test From Schwab Case Shows The Dark Side Of The Kansas DCF

Leaked audio and drug test from the Schwab case shows the dark side of the Kansas DCF

  • On April 27, 2015, the Kansas DCF removed the five Schwab children from their home

  • A drug test claiming that Raymond Schwab was using meth was never sent to a lab for verification

  • Leaked audio from the Schwab’s CASA worker claims agencies involved in the case have been lying and trying to prevent reintegration for the children

On April 27, 2015, Raymond and Amelia Schwab had their five children removed by the State of Kansas Department for Children and Families.

The Schwab’s received national attention after they lived on the steps of the Kansas State Capitol building for thirty days in protest against the wrongful removal of their children.


Raymond began working for the Department of Veteran Affairs in Topeka, Kansas after retiring from the Navy. Raymond had problems with PTSD, and like many other veterans, he decided to treat it with cannabis. Schwab was then transferred from the VA in Topeka to the VA a VA in Colorado.

While in the midst of the transition to Colorado, Amelia’s mother made a call to DCF, which started a nightmare that has gone on for over two years.

Amelia’s mother was against the move and the use of medical cannabis. She believed that by calling DCF the children would go into her care, and the move to Colorado would be stopped. Soon after making the call she discovered just how wrong she was.

DCF has made the Schwab case anything but easy to follow. Changing allegations, denying legally obligated requests, and a public smear campaign, have given many people mixed feelings about the Schwab case.

After fighting the DCF for over two years, we are finally starting to get a deeper look into how twisted Child Protective Services in Kansas truly is.

Federal Law Suit

After the Schwab children had been removed, DCF claimed Raymond failed a Urine Analysis for meth. Raymond has disputed this claim since the allegations first emerged. Through an anonymous source, TDH received files from a federal lawsuit that shows the drug test in question.

The drug test on file is incomplete. There is no lab verification or even a time or date of the sample. In court, it was claimed the original test was destroyed directly after Raymond took the test, before being sent to a lab, or going through any verification process. Below is Raymond’s drug test and a normal drug test for comparison.

Urine Analysis

There are two different ways of conducting a drug test with urine. The first one is very expensive and uses gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. This test breaks down your urine sample and analyzes it chemically. These tests are extremely accurate, and can only be beaten by switching the sample.

The other tests are cheap and disposable and can be picked up at any pharmacy. These tests give instant results and are commonly used for pre-employment screening, probation, and other situations where it is too costly to use the more precise test every time.

These cheaper drug tests only show what could be in the urine. When the test is failed, it is supposed to be sent to a lab to go through the chemical analysis process and verify the test’s findings. This process takes about one week. Raymond’s drug test never received this verification.

At the same time that this drug test is seeing the light for the first time, a conversation between the Schwabs and a CASA worker on their case has been leaked by California attorney Matthew Pappas.

Court Appointed Special Advocate® (CASA)

When a child is placed into foster care, sometimes a judge will appoint a Court Appointed Special Advocate® (CASA) on the case to give recommendations for what should happen to the children in state care.

CASA volunteers are screened and highly trained before being appointed by a judge to represent and advocate for a child’s best interests in the child protection system. These CASA workers are given one child, or set of siblings, at a time so that they can focus on what is best for that case.

The recorded call between the Schwab’s and their CASA worker shows that DCF and other agencies has been routinely lying in and out of court, and pushing against reuniting the family at any cost necessary.

The recording begins with the CASA worker saying, “Basically I was told just don’t communicate with them at all. Even if they try and reach out.” The CASA worker claims that KVC gave her these instructions. KVC contracts with the Kansas DCF.

The CASA worker says that she believes the children are being coached on what to say. She goes on to say that they “kind of put fear in us,” claiming the Schwabs would come after her if she spoke to them.

At one point in the conversation, it is even said “reintegration is not a possibility,” even though that is supposed to be the primary purpose of these agencies.

As the conversation goes on, the CASA worker’s claims confirms what the Schwabs have been claiming were lies for over two years. Raymond asks the CASA worker, “You do realize they are lying?” the CASA worker responds, “I do now!” Excerpts from the 90-minute conversation can be heard below.



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