Kansas DCF institutionalizes 5-year-old because he wanted to go home

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A caseworker for the Kansas DCF claimed a 5-year-old in state custody was acting violent and kept saying he wanted to go home

  • The child’s mother, Amanda Hunt, received a text message from the caseworker

  • The Kansas DCF had recently taken away Hunt’s home visits after falsely identifying burns

  • Yesterday, Hunt received a letter from a doctor that said the boy’s hands were peeling due to a reaction to medication, not burns

Yesterday, we reported on Amanda Hunt, a woman that has been fighting the Kansas Department for Children and Families to get her children back.

Kansas DCF strips home visits

Hunt had her home visits taken away after a caseworker had claimed her 5-year-old son had received 2nd-degree burns to his hands. The mother, who is still grieving the loss of her husband who passed away in a car accident just months ago, could not believe what she was hearing.

After trying to process the claim that her son had burns on her hand, Hunt finally got some peace of mind. After having her son examined by a doctor, he gave Hunt a letter that said the boy had not suffered burns on his hands.

The boy’s hands were peeling very bad, but were not blistered and did not give the appearance of being a 2nd-degree burn. That is because a quite normal phenomenon caused the peeling in the boy’s hand after receiving treatment for a streptococcal infection.

The doctor said the reaction is a “well-documented phenomenon,” and went on to say that he did not believe there to be 2nd-degree burns on the boy’s hands caused by “burn, neglect, or abuse,” as claimed by the DCF.

Hunt was relieved to hear this since she knew there was no possible way the claims could be true. Unfortunately, Hunt’s victory was very short lived.

The text from the caseworker

Today Hunt received a text message from the child’s caseworkansas-dcf-institutionalizes-5-year-old-because-he-wants-togo-homeker. She told the mother that her 5-year-old son was sent to a psychiatric ward today after he allegedly got violent with the caseworker.

The caseworker claimed that the boy was acting violent and kept saying that he wanted to go home or go to his foster mother’s house. Remind you; this is a 5-year-old boy who recently lost his father and was removed from his home.

The text goes on to say that the young boy refused to put his seatbelt on and opened the car door. The opening of the car doors is something that COMCARE Crisis Center does not take lightly, the caseworker said.

According to COMCARE’s description on their website, they are a place that “helps people with mental health and substance abuse needs improve the quality of their lives.”

Hunt is afraid they are going to medicate her son

Before Hunt’s husband passed away in the car accident, the Hunt’s were set to get their children back in just a matter of weeks. Now there 5-year-old is being sent to a psychiatric ward where Hunt is worried that they will place him on medications.

Hunt told TDH that the boy has never been on any medications, and she did not want that to change. However, when the state has custody of your children, even if you have not had your parental rights severed, that is not your choice. Hunt is not sure how long her 5-year-old son will be institutionalized after today’s incident.



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